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They were this lovers,they has been rhyming and dining in love for a long time and nothing ever went wrong,no count of atrocities or some conflicts dramas, they are so perfect to themselves and in everything they does in their own understandable mannerisms.
One day they decided to do something new by going out for a shopping and catching more grooves than ever🍾🍶🍦🍧🍻🍽,they get prepared and grab their credit card🏦 then they off to shopping in which they had a lot of fun as they choose to,while coming back home 🚕they bought of expensive gift like jewelry of gold and silver with charming diamonds 💎which cost them a lot of money,after arriving home they were relaxing taken some ice creams suddenly a man burst into their room with a gun🔫 pointing on the celebration of the girl the boy was pleading with a everything,indeed the arm robber took his time to robe them and collect everything they bought from shopping,after the arm robber is set to go he asked one of them to killed another person, either the girl should die for the guy or the guy should, they were all confused,suddenly the girl stood up and collected the gun and pointed it at his lover boy,she said am sorry honey I have to do this my parents need me more than you think yours need you,I also need to give them a grand child because they are looking unto me all this while as their beloved daughter, before the guy could say a word she pull the trigger but unfortunately for her there's no bullet inside,then the arm robber unmasked himself smile,then he jump out of the room and run off that's how he disappeared.

Now if you really learn from this short story let me hear your opinion in the comment box Thanks.

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