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Somewhere in the northern region of Africa, people still maintain their culture, as is their normal way of life. Although, most times it for fun sake.
I take a look at the cultural event at my village when travel to my village to attend to some important program. then I realize is the period of the festival. I know my pictures above will be surprised by many.
we call it masquerade. our people use it as an entertainment means. although is being respected because is the appearance of our ancestral fathers. according to their beliefs but I don't really know.
As well there are different forms of the masquerade (Eku) some which are fun enough at dancing and can make peoples laugh.

Am not in support of that but the spirit of togetherness is enough to be happy.

In Africa, we have a varied cultural heritage. The weaving cloth for the mother women who use cotton to weave the cloth materials and can be used to sew any type of clothing styles.

Am sure is only African countries we can get this cultural heritage.
This can as well serve as a tourist tool for people outside the world.

Take your time to view that.

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stay blessed.

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