Wafrica: A gift to Africa!!!

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Hi darlings!!!

I am @gee1 and I will be reporting for @wafrica.


I am a Nigerian, A West African and ultimately an African. My attire in the video goes to prove that.

I am proud of this great team I am a part of. I am proud of @wafrica team.
I love my fellow curators, @surfyogi, @ackza and everyone that is in one way or the other a part of this.

This is a video done to re-emphasize on what @wafrica stands for. Africans, you are no longer alone in the struggle for getting recognition or rewards for your works on steemit.

Wafrica is a gift to Africa. It was created out of a willing heart poised towards love for humanity. The @wafrica team is passionate about Africa. It is here to reward content from the shores of Africa.

Not only do you get curated for your works, we reward one winner daily with 1SBD. We also will be having weekly winners.

The winner for today will be announced in few hours. Stay tuned!

Big Shout out to my fellow curators, I am blessed to have you all. We had a new addition yesterday, @mcsamm. Welcome to the family.

A big thank you to @surfyogi and @ackza, your love for humanity spurs me to want to love more and do more for Africans. Your heart is indeed blessed.

This post was written by @gee1 for @wafrica.

Remember to spread the word!!! @wafrica is built for Africa, made for Africans and will grow with Africans.

The team curators includes:

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That's was awesome @gee1.


OMG look! We need to copy this strategy! Women making thousands a day , no nudity, (porn was banned in china o now the guys all just watch these live streams! Lol )

we can use this information to our advantage!

SEE why I am saying we need more videos more dlive streams :D
do you have OBS studio ? Dlive is easy!!!

We all need to do dlives together!


dlives is the best way for do something new


I keep saying that this is a revolution, please keep using the #wafrica tag. Get ready to see the beauty in Africa.

If you are not following @wafrica, do so now


When I think of someone to coach everyone, all of us...
I will have them speak with you!

I think we may all need personal trainers ;-)


Congratulations, good job, friend

Wow. This is amazing by all standards. I really love the zealousness of members in this amazing community @wafrica and very optimistic about the future of this great community. Let keep the fire burning this is @steemgh(formally known as @steem4depoor).
Thank you @gee1 for this amazing update.

This is awesome
Great work @gee1
Great work @wafrica
We are not alone

This is very nice.
I am proud of the new @wafrica one week has formed a lot of support.
Your surfyogi is a great person.
and curator @wafrica are all smart guys
@ gee1
@ prettyjules158


At some point, I think as a rule, we will have to BAN SPAM of this kind moving forward...
It was an obvious likely issue, and now we SEE, YES this can't be tolerated for too much longer.

"handle spam" has got to stop on STEEM and I may have to be the first to SAY IT?
Thanks for listening!

It's really great having @wafrica onboard steemit. For sure this is one of it's kind and I am happy associating myself with it. Now steemians especially from Africa can get to write quality and creative content in the blockchain and get some upvote.

It really a huge relief and very encouraging as well. For those people with the heart of gold who taught it wise to support and encourage the Africa community @surfyogi and @ackza ...it is said that it is more blessed to give than to receive, may the blessings that accompany giving continue to be your portion. More grease to your elbow.

For the entire team and curators of @wafrica, you guys are really doing good, nice work guys keep up the good work.

And l love the make up you have..thats your smile..it is simply great..thanks for this and l feel good being around great mibds..thanks so much @gee1 from #wafrica


The camera loves this girl and we have had a few talks about this as well..

@wafrica is taking the world by the storm.. Keep the flag flying people!!


Such big dreams, so I need to have long talks with all my curators about our dreams to come!

nice post..
love you @wafrica
love you @surfyogi
love you all other african
@upvote & @resteem has done to present you..

yeap,absolutely my friend. i like your post always. thanks & love you guys @wafrica & @surfyogi.

a very good job @wafrica.
I really support it even though I am not an African.
and I say welcome to @mcsamm who has joined with #wafrica
and thanks to @surfyogi for building this great community.
you become my motivation so far

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid
nice team

great post..thanks for sharing.appreciate to you

great job..carry on.thanks for sharing😍

best gift to africa also for us!!👌👌👌

I strongly support @wafrica this is great for african people.
thank you @surfyogi for building a great community.

  ·  2년 전

Saya bangga dengan Afrika dan orang yang percaya akan kebesaran Afrika,
terima kasih banyak .. @ wafrica

Proudly to be and African

You are a great asset to @wafrica. Together we will make this team greater.
Thanks at @gee1 for promoting Africa on this steemit platform.

I love your post. thank you for sharing with us.

its informative post..thank u so much..@wafrica
@upvote & @resteem done

Waooo I enjoyed the @Gee1 video. We love you too. thanks for everything @wafrica
Long live africa

You have such a nice voice
Up @wafrica

Africans, you are no longer alone in the struggle for getting recognition or rewards for your works on steemit.

I caught that. This is just amazing

  ·  2년 전

great job friend.carry on.God bless you👏👏👌

It's a informative post.Thank's for sharing this with us@wafrica

good aidea @wafrica
thank you for you re visiting
and for you re efforts

Wafrica is a gift to Africa. It was created out of a willing heart poised towards love for humanity. The @wafrica team is passionate about Africa. It is here to reward content from the shores of Africa.

Thanks for this post. Let the love and passion continue for Africa @wafrica

Exceeding blessings be upon your community @wafrica. Your passion for your people is truly genuine and has to be emulated forever. Shalom my friend.

Keep doing great @wafrica, you are the pride of Africa and we love you so much.

It's wonderful to know that @wafrica is growing in strength. It reflects with the addition of another curator.

More heights @wafrica

The good intentions of the initiators are well recognized and appreciated. If we can recognize ourselves as one Africa. We will definitely make Africa again. I'm a life testimony of wafrica, love this good work.

Serving humanity na pride

Almost nobody expresses as much love as this woman.
So I decided she should be in the club! ;-)

Hitting out of the park today is @gee1 !

I've got to tap into the kind of positive energy I see around here! #wafrica to the world!

Hello! I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for the great post! ARTzone is now following you! ALWAYs follow @artzone and the artzone tag, and support our artists!

What an amazing work that you guys are doing for us Africans. Keep up, God bless you and the other @wafrica curators.

well done, thanks to @surfyogi
for his special support
@upvote & @resteem done

his smile is so sweet ..,

Africans, you are no longer alone in the struggle for getting recognition or rewards for your works on steemit.

Yes Yes Yes. We are no longer black monkeys as we used to be called @gee1. Now we are making more and more impact and the world is amazed, and we will continue to do it more even here on Steemit. Special appreciation to all the leaders of @wafrica. I hope to win from here someday. #smiles

Great post! Great minds! Thank you @wafrica. The curator team, thank you🙌🙌🙌

Proudly african, @waafrica thank you for supporting us on this platform

We need to stand strong and stand with one another in tough times and spread awareness

Wow @gee this is really great!

It is extraordinary to know Africa through these post I love excellent initiative very good work continue to share friends with us thank you congratulations

I must confess that I am one of the individuals who get upvotes regularly from wafrica.Keep being awesome.

Congratulations @wafrica!
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