Yensesa Private Beta Updates - Total number of users signed up and transaction volume

4년 전

In a few hours from now we will be sunsetting the private beta version of Yensesa and rolling out a public beta version as we get ready to open up to the public for our Public Beta.

All users on the private beta will not need to do anything as their account and transaction history will not be migrated to the public beta.

A few changes that will be introduced in the public beta version are;

  • More security against ddos attacks.
  • Higher redrawal limits per day.
  • Transactions fees will be charged in Steem / SBD during the private beta this was in GHS.
  • Increase deposit window from 5mins to 30mins : this is not the time Yensesa sends money to you but the time Yensesa will wait for you to send your money into our wallet after you start a transaction.
  • Yensesa Power: a community basic income project. More explanation below

Private Beta Achievements

  • We manually signed up 13 users : public sign-up was blocked as we wanted to keep things under control, monitor the service and improve upon it.
  • We did a total exchange amount request of 24.440 STEEM and 40.196 SBD
  • Processed a refund of 2.010 STEEM and 9.580 SBD. Refunds happens when a user tries to send money to wrong mobile money number, use a wrong memo during transfer or delays in transferring the funds (limits for this one will be increased).
  • We made a total transfer of 531.6928 GHS
    Below is a screenshot of our admin dashboard with more details

What is Yensesa Power

Yensesa Power (YP) is Yensesa unique basic income project to attract more African to Steem and provide them with training, support and a basic income via upvotes and resteem.

For Africans to be financial independent, Steem to grow, crypto currency to spread across Africa and Yensesa to be successful this is a much needed action we need to take and provide self empowerment to the people. There is no time to do this than NOW!. If you are interested in supporting this project kindly delegate some SP to @yensesa to power up.

Yensesa Witness

On the witness side of things, yesterday was a great day Yensesa and the African community. We got to witness our first block. Thanks to all our voters. If you have not voted for Yensesa yet as your witness. Kindly click on this link to vote for us.
Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 12.31.08 PM.png

Public Beta Launch

Public beta launch will be live on May 15th

Various ways you can support

We are also looking for a content writer for yensesa. Read more about it here

by : @black-man


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We taking over, we they show guy guy


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Thanks @christoryan.

its great to have a witness of our own..great job @yensesa

People should expect to see the massive explosion of @yensesa just on the way. It is a total financial liberation for steemians in Africa.thanks for this great project


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