Waiānuenue - New Original Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost!

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This year I was honored to paint three paintings of iconic Hilo landscapes for the remodeled Hilo Airport!
waianuenue.jpg View Large Image Here

The first one I completed was a sweeping panorama of Rainbow Falls, otherwise known as Waiānuenue, which means rainbow water.

When I went to visit the falls, I loved that the overlook was handsomely framed by an enormous shade tree, giving the middle ground a sense of depth and steamy atmosphere from the misting falls. While the falls itself were slightly shadowed, the top ledge of the cascade was bathed in light. Sun dapples danced in discrete areas throughout the foreground foliage. I was smitten.

The other two paintings soon to be released are of Lili'uokalani Gardens and the Hilo Waterfront. I love Hilo for its sleepy preservation of the authentic Hawaii.

-CWC (@cwcost)

For more information about out Our Waiānuenue pre-publication sale available through October 7th, please call 1-800-810-2678!

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beautiful painting @cwcost I liked you painting its amazing & attractive.keep it up.Thank you so much for your support @dhanu1998

Your art is great. Thanks for voting friends

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amazingly painting your paintings.

Excellent photo i like it

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Obviously great paint bro...

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Beautiful land photography

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Thank you so much visit on my blog friend

Very nice to see a great place

Pretty awesome post @cwcost. Amazing one!!

I posted my 1st photography post and I would love to be if you have a look!!☺

Thanks for sharing.

wow beautiful painting you.

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