Which Way is Up

3년 전


Went for a little nature stroll to contemplate what I'm thankful for... today is Canadian Thanksgiving and while I'm not down with the technicalities of the holiday, I am always down to focus mindfully on areas of my life I might overlook at times.
I am thankful for the entirety of my life, every experience has contributed to shaping me into the woman I am today.
I am thankful for all the people present and past that have been in my life, close friends, family, acquaintances, people I have met and loved and learned from, directly and indirectly.
I am thankful for my hopes and dreams and goals, things I never really had in the past, that now motivate me to stay optimistic and focused and bring me joyful excitement about my future.
I am thankful for my strong mind and strong body. Both need daily care and fine tuning to stay running smoothly, and I enjoy taking the time to become a better version of myself.
I am thankful for my tender heart that beats with an indescribable love, a love for a life changing being who fills this pulsing organ with vibes of adoration, and I'm thankful this heart of mine is opening and expanding and filling in ways I didn't know could be possible, and continuing to heal and grow.
I am thankful for a lot of things, a lot of things I cant put words to, these are just my pondering thoughts inspired by the beauty of this warm fall day walk.
Take Care,

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Awesome stroll Amy, sounds like you've been doing a lot of reflecting hehehe...

I love this photo, is it through a hole in a board? Or?


Yes! Hole in a board :) I thought it looked like a pretty planet ♡
Thanks for the love ♡♡♡


It's really awesome, good eye!!

The diverse fall colors across the pond are just beautiful. #swoop #swoop

lovely photos!

nicely put and lovely shots as well xx

It's easy to get caught up with things and forget that we have a lot to be thankful for. It's great that you took the time to think about it and write down some of the things you are thankful for.