Are We There Yet

3년 전

We continue to move along looking for something nice to show you.
I like to look at what the home owners have decided to do to their propety too.

I may not get to enjoy the dollar price rise of a few million or billion dollar as some will.
But, even if I get a few hundred thousand dollars out of the coming price rise.
I would be a little happy.
Some of the things I would like to do now. But I cannot.
I would be able to then.
We will always have a need for currency of some kind.

I can think of some in the family that will need some help with college tuition.
We could do that.
I see that someone has a boat trailer.
Does that mean the boat is on the water someplace?

I keep walking.
I don't have a boat.
So I walk around looking for something that you might like to look at.
Maybe I could get a boat later?
It would be something different for me.

Do not let yourself get downhearted and sad about the crypto dollar prices.
Even now, the prices are likely to be jerked around all over the price chart.
But, don't pay any attention to that.
Find the coins you like and "hodl."
I happen to like for the short term DGB better than any.
Does that mean it is the best?
No one knows that. We are not permitted to see into the future.
I am sure that you have your preference in a coin or two.

I am still walking when I see this dog with the owner. Or at least the person leading and exercising the dog.
Not many want their photo taken with the dog. lol


Some say if you make a lot of green. You have a lot of taxes to pay.
That could be. I know it is true if you take dollar payouts in our country.
If I don't get a 1040 from the exchanges.
I wouldn't have any idea what the rules are for taxes.


Is it starting to get dark on me? Or is it so cloudy the lighting is not very bright?

We will keep on moving and dreaming about cryptos.
I know that so much work and good news has been announced this year.
It is amazing that the crypto dollar price is still low for us to accumulate.
So as I look at the objects I see as I walk along.
In a few months or years. I could add some of these attractions to my place if I wanted to.
We can all dream as the waiting days go by.

Some things I show you. I know that you know the name of them.
It surprises me that they are growing here where I am in Florida.
If you don't know. It is a cattail plant.

This is a Magnolia pod that we can see.
If we don't pick them up after they fall.
They could cause some lawn mower problems over the long term.
They can be one of the heaviest obstacles in the mowers path.

To finish this post for today.
I want to show one more item before I go.
These are growing nearly everyplace I walk.
They are very pretty.

So how do I find a good song that makes me feel happy and content with what I know.
I don't need to look for a sad love song. Not today.
Maybe at another time. Ha

For now. I think the crypto rocket fuel tanks are full and waiting.
Maybe these three boys can light the fuse for us. Ha.

Added to YouTube by: Il Volo Official--Published on Feb 9, 2011

Do we leave Steemit out of the crypto races to the top?
I don't. I am still here.
Thank you


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Hibiscus is very beautiful!
And music pleasant, Francis! @francisk

This is for you )


Just beautiful. I really love it.
Thank you for sending it to me.
No, I don't know the words.
I don't have to.
The sound, music, and emotion of it all is more that enough for me.
It is in the moments of this time and sound that I really live.

I think I am from a civilization of "love."
Earth is not my home. I cannot be a person of earth origin.
What I want to live and feel is not here.
Just bits and pieces of it such as this time
In all of my many years of life.
I have never found it.
Thank you


Hi hood morning dear sir, I want to wish you very great day full of tank with crypto rockets.

Dear sir your enthusiasm and positivity is like a wave of ocean that never want to break it repeatetion and come after a while.

Dera sir the nature greenery is free everywhere, while chart greenery is taxed everywhere its completely true.

Thank you for making us crypto aware and lighteningvthe hope of a better tomorrow.

With love and respect.



Little Dove
That is your name isn't it?
Forgive me for being so high "shortterm" on DGB.
As I have said before. No one knows the future or can clearly see the future in tiny details.
I have even heard and have been reading.
That when we get a glimpse of the future in some manner.
That will change it , if even so slightly.
Here is what one has asked for already.
Why Digibyte?
Here is just one video that explains a little about Digibyte.

Added to YouTube by: Patrick Wieland--Published on Jul 9, 2018

No guarantees about crypto. Not yet.
When the ETF's are legal.
Then we will more confidence that government is OK with good and cleared cryptos
With love and respect


Hi @francisk why you feel DGB or digibyte could be the best choose for short term?. Regards


I don't think I have ever said that Digibyte is the best.
I have said that I like it.

No one knows what is the "very best" coin for dollar appreciation.
I like it for various reasons. Low price now being one of them.
Did you know that it was never started as an ICO?
Watch the video above. There are many on YouTube to see and learn.

Home page:

There are many good coins to choose from I think.
And I think that Digibyte is one of them.
Thank you


Your views are magnificent. Can get something without a dollar. Good people in a life

Wow wonderful location. that is great life enjoy. so great photography and great article
Thanks @francisk
Have a nice day.

Green green colors everywhere . Very close to nature . Nice pics .

Nice homes and green yards . Very beautiful pics taken . Thanks

Great Flowers @francisk thanks a lot for sharing.


Thank you


Beautiful starting with well maintain garden photography and nice finishing with gorgeous song. Middle of the post beautiful and being handsome with nice dog.

Most of attractive images with flowers, silence gardens, the dog etc.. Listen to the nice song shared.


Wonderful scenes thanks a lot for sharing its really a great joy to watch this gallery.


Thank you


just fantastic photography you capture in your blog everyday.its really looks and impressive.i am attracted your best photo pic up skills.because anytime gives very inteligent photo fresh green nature of environment and fantastic flower.this flower,road,nature beauty and cute dog just very attractive your photography.this last finishing of gorgeous song.its very best.your post always my heart touching.thanks to sharing for your great post of green nature environment.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless dear friend.. @francisk

There are so many unique gardens indeed. Cute doggy nice mood here. Also unique flowers also. Thanks for shared @francisk.

Glorious views and awesome shots along with some funky pics nice one the weather is on point

Thank you