Before I Forget

3년 전

Hello followers and upvoters.
It has been a while now since I have put up a post on Steemit.
Before I completely forget how to compose and complete a post.
I wanted to add a little here for you and for me today.

First, to let you know. I am still walking some during the week.
So, I will add a little of what I see when I have been walking.

I do not want this post to be about me. See the tall tree below?
That is what I want this to be about.
The coming "crypto dollar" price rise soon.

I think it is time for us now to start to get excited about what it just ahead of us in the coming weeks.
From the less impressive as below.

To the more impressive just in front of us.
I hope that you are ready. It is coming.
Just upvoting this post is going to make a difference from my past approcach. You will see............

I don't think anyone would be well served for me to list my favorite crypto coins here.
If you are uncertain or just don't know.
And you basically want to buy and hold, (hodl).
I personally don't think anyone could go wrong with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

I know. They may not rocket up in dollar price that gets us all excited.
But, if I didn't know and don't want to be bothered with all the hype that is associated with all the alts.
I would look at them and make up my mind.

You have to make up your own mind.
Don't let me or anyone else cause you to make mistakes.
Plain and simple is sometimes the best for some people

We all have a long road ahead of us.
But it may not be a straight for us as the photo below.
I think over the next few months and years.
We will see many ups and downs that make us just want to give up.
Do not give up is my advise to anyone.
I know that I will hodl forever, if it takes that long.

I have many things that I would like to write and say to you.
Alas, I cannot.
You will have to observe over the coming days/weeks/months.
That is all I can do for now.
I am looking to zoom to the sky for my crypto dollar price soon.

Yes, I still love songs. Especially love songs.
But, our world is changing.
I may have to change with it.
Before I forget.
Let me keep my heart soft and not turn into a heart of stone.

Added to YouTube by: Edifice5151--Published on Sep 2, 2011

That is it for now........
We all know that Steemit is evolving.
Will we evolve with it???
Thank you


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Hi dear sir,
Wish you Good morning and beautiful day.

Dear sir, welcome back to the world of Steemit again.
It's very special feeling to see you again with more charm and enthusiasm.

Dear sir, I think it's your first post where you didn't added some beautiful blossoming flowers.

No problem sir, I am very happy to see you again.

Yes sir I think the dawn is near.

Welcome back dear sir.

With Love And Respect.



Little Dove
You know that I wish and hope the best for you always.
My words and my thoughts may not always be showing on this platform and the pages.
But, you can know that you and your work are never far from my mind and thinking.
Thank you so much for telling and showing me what my ears and heart love to hear.
Praise and encouragement from the one "Little Dove" of my heart and thoughts.
With love and respect.



Dear sir,
Your words are very special and like a magic for me, whenever I come to Steemit I search for your message of love and blessings.
^Little Dove^ sounds awesome.
Thank you for your love and blessings sir.

With Love And Respect.

This is nice place and very beautiful house garden, it is really look. this is great photography
Thanks @francisk
have a great day

Good see you again, Francis. I was beginning to worry when I didn't see your posts in my feed. It's just not the same without your photos of the beautiful flowers. Welcome back!


You are the lucky one. Ha
I will put some of my thoughts here in answer to your words.
Just as Steemit is evolving. So do I want to do the same in my crypto approach over the coming months/years.
I "think" I know that you are in a South America country. From Canada.
It could be that @rebeccaryan and @knarly327 are planning a retreat or community of like minded people.
Powered by cryptos in the beginning.
So you might want to keep a watch on what they are planning to do.
Could you get interested in Canada again?
Thank you



I don't think I could go back to Canada to live now. My life has changed so much and I really can't take the cold winters anymore. I miss friends and my family, but we have contact through video calls and e-mails. I will keep my eye open for what @rebeccaryan and @knarly327 are doing. I do visit Canada occasionally, but to go back to live, I think not.

Welcome back to friend! Your fruit is very tasty.

Good photography dear sir, welcome back.
How are you ?

Good green photography blog. tall tree pic is very good . Thanks

Beautiful starting with nice fruit image and glorious finish with classical music @francisk. Middle of the post awesome with various backgrounds.

Happy to see you again @francisk. I miss you so much. Nice photography and nice song to listen.

Great music. And this for you, @francisk )


Thank you


Beautiful natural photography. The flowers and green nature looks amazing. I always appreciate your brilliant photography.

Hi @francisk, After long time I see you again with unique fashionable image. How are you? Are you ok? See you again next day.

Love how you connect your story with your pictures! Glad you‘re back (:

Wow excellent camera shots and great work. thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

Heyyyyy @francisk so good to see you! I've been missing your thoughts and humour and beautiful photos in my feed.

Glad you are still staying optimistic and funny!

This one is my favourite, a great angle!

Let's keep #STEEM ing!


Thank you
Steeming is good and it gives us a lot.
But Steem will not be the price winner in the coming crypto rocket shot.
An inflationary coin will not do as well as a deflationary (finite) coin.
But blog on. It is a good platform.
Thank you


oh,my dear friend.. @francisk welcome back this community..i am really miss you..i know you are a big master of nature beauty environment.everyday sharing new one thing fully fresh air nature beauty in your blog.i think that your blog is best another steemians.. speciallythis green nature,road and first picture of trees fruits very excellent.everything is possible for your brilliant shots photography..last finishing awesome video song very attractive.its always my heart touching.your thought quality knowledge skills very inteligent.obviously you are a big mind person and best friend of me.because always support my work and encouraging doing to write energy level word.but along time ago i can not answer your comment word.because i am busy my own,sorry for that.i hope that you support my work.because crypto prize again up and down.i am very frustrated for this position sbd..i am really happy you again back.thanks to sharing for your great thought post of nature beauty..very well done..take care of luck of your great work.see you again.may god bless you.i pray to god for your bright dear friend.. @francisk


I love to read your words.
But I see that you are being identified once again because of your upvoting.
You will have to wait and see when it is cleared up for you.
Thank you for your kind words.
I appreciate it a lot.


You simply don't forget but great to see you after a big long gap always refreshing to check out your posts :)

We all hope that the price of the dollar will rise and achieve beautiful profits such as nature and trees <3