I Never Would Have Thought

3년 전

When it is possible.
I start out my post with some flowers.
They don't have to be new or of some other worldly origin.
Just something that is pretty to look at helps us to know some things.
We may not be able to define and explain beauty in great detail.
But, we know what it is when we see and observe it.

So let us continue to walk along and see if we can find more interesting items of neighborhood workings and placements that catches our attention.

In the beginning.
The view was to be very pretty and neat.
Neglect takes away and erodes some of the would be beautiful setting.
Dry dead limbs and leafs have to be removed.
If we do not. You see the results.

Clean, soft, and flowing lines are not what everyone has in mind when they look to add something to their yard, garden, and property.
We all have a preference in what we think is pretty to look at and enjoy.
That is OK and it offers more opportunity to inventive minds.

Such as what we see here.
Yes. I am aware that I have two photos of nearly the same take.
But, my thought was to see if I could capture a little different color hue.


Should I hide this view from you and walk on by as though it wasn't there?
I could.
But, I choose to flash one or two looks for you. lol


That should be enough swamp viewing for you at this time.
We can always slip and slide down the slopes again if that is what we need. Ha
It doesn't take a lot to make the viewing a little better than the swamps.



Always keep in mind that I am showing you what I see as I walk along.
I rarely walk into a flower shop and show you what they want to sell to you. Ha


And our persistence and continuing on can bring to our view lovely objects and things to look at.
I am always pleasantly surprised when I seen color and beauty such as these right in front of me on my walk.
See if you agree?


We had a good walk and have seen a few things.
Wherever you are.
You will see many things and items of interest to record for all of us too.
That is what I do as you already know if you have been following me very long.

And you would know that I add a good song to my post near the end as well.
Good by the ears of my hearing. Ha
I know that we do not all have the same music preference that we like.
So, I will try to be nice.

No guarantees though. lol
I like slow and easy.................

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One more thing I try not to forget.
And that is Steemit and the cryptos.
The cryptos are struggling mightly to get out of the doldrums of of dollar price decay.
It will happen. Stay with us for a few more weeks/months.
You will be glad you did is my thoughts.
Thank you


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Hi Dear Sir, Good Morning, Wish you very beautiful Day ahead.

Dear sir it's a decent start of our day with flowers and your post also started with beautiful blooming buds of fragrance and vivid colours.

I love to see these beautiful colour contrast images, and the beauty of your post is looking awesome when it turns to delicate flowers and their colours.

Dear sir the beauty of Nature and your mind everytime dwells with each other and still not clear who is the winner?

With Love And Respect.

Good day sir.


Little Dove
I wait for your arrival on my blog.
I need your love and words to make my time and day complete.
You have more than fulfilled that role for me today.

(Just so you know. I sent you a note. See if you agree.)

Another day in the crypto world.
Just another day closer to when we all will be so happy that we knew and acted.
With love and respect


All your posts are great In fact, some post thoughts are good.

Wow wonderful garden. it is really look flowers trees. so great photography and great article
Thanks @francisk
Have a nice day

Amazing flowers photo . Green is awesome . Combination was very good . Beautiful photography . Thanks for sharing @francisk

Nice bushes.

Good photography of flowers and other plants .
Flowers are very eye catching . Thanks

You captures all things in your walking session . Very good pics taken . Keep posting .

There are so many unique fashionable images and nice song indeed @francisk. I love these environment.

Photographs and song are spectacular ,these photographs freshens the mind .

You explained much better your blog using fabulous photography collection. I listened this song twice. Prefer to hear lot.


Thank you
I love to listen to good love songs.
It is something that has been with me all my life.


Beautiful starting with adorable flower's image and nice finishing with talented song @francisk. Middle of the post also so attractive.

Fantastic photography.

wow,just marvelous my dear friend.. @francisk you are really very talented photographer.because every pics very attractive.. its obviously impressible..this is a excellent shots photography of various kinds of flower..specially,this first picture of flower and green narure beauty looks very attractive and pretty. what,s a brilliant shots capture always on your camera.its anytime my heart touching.. obviously your finishing last song very beautifull.. my dear friend. @francisk


I know you spend time to write as you do.
I do appreciate that you take the time to let me know.
Thank you


Wow excellent camera shots. so beautiful flowers.
100% like and resteem

Who would have thought that .... excellent to check that out checking your blogs is so refreshing always :)

Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Nice photo.... Looking good.

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Little pink flowers are very awesome looking . Rest of all pics are also very good . Enjoy day

Thank you