What A Big Surprise

3년 전

As I walk along.
I see this place again to show you.
The people that bought it should already be living there now.
But, I think there has been some trouble or sickness that is stopping them.
Our best laid plans can get set aside for a time as we all know.

Many of us were thinking that the cryptos would have been "sky high" as we say sometimes.
I didn't think that it would be 8, 9, or 10 months before a sizable recovery.
But, as we can see. I was wrong.
This is what I feel like sometimes.
Not very pretty. Ha

Sometimes even the flowers look a little dim for us.
As has been the case for us in the cryptos.
But, we will look for a better and brighter time.

Green and red.
I think that green is go.
I see more green than I do red.
That is what I see in the cryptos for us now too.

In the next few months.
Those that are properly positioned in the cryptos.
Could be house hunting if they need a house.
That is what I think anyway.

The crypto market is pretty to us when it is rising.
Like the colored flowers we see here with the "rocks." Ha
But, unlike the rock that stays and stays.
The cryptos rise up quickly, only to "drop like a rock" as we say sometimes.

So traders know that timing is everything. The road is open.
It can be the road to ruin as well.
If you "hodl" as I do. You don't care about the up and downs.
No, I don't like down. I like up. Ha

So, do we see smooth traveling for the cryptos just in front of us?
Maybe. But, I see an obstacle in the open area here.
I know that the way to success is in front of us.
But, we may see some circling around on the price chart.

Then back to the open road again to be a part of and in the exciting times again. lol

If we are holding the right cryptos. We will see the beauty on the screen right in front of us.
I like that.
We have waited long enough to see something nice and pretty to look at.

Solid and secure. That is what we want.
When we see photos like this. It reminds us of where we want to be.

High and lifted up. That is where I want to be in the cryptos.
This gives us a look of what that could mean for us.

Is it time to sail away? Not yet. The cover is still holding us back.
Very soon we could be on the smooth sailing waters of the cryptos.
And I think that we will too.

The work is finished or soon will be. The workers have been preparing something nice for all of us to see and enjoy.
And I for one appreciate the efforts of all those who do what I am not able to do.
Set the stage for a bright, brand new world for us.


I have to add something that makes all of this seem real.
For we all know that it is going to be very real.
Right before our very eyes.

Added to YouTube by: δωεετρεα--Published on Oct 27, 2016

Now I need Steemit to tell eveyone for me.
It is going to happen.
We all hope sooner rather than later.
Thank you


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Frances! Everything will be fine, @francisk

I'm sure of it!
I wish you good health!

and the most positive thoughts!

Thank you very much for your photos.
I also learn to see the beauty in every day.
Wherever you are!

Have a nice evening!
Thank you for the wonderful music.
It inspires!

And this is for you )


Thank you
I love the music. That is my kind of music that I like.
Most of the time I don't go to it though here on Steemit.
It is only for those that have an ear for it.
I love it a lot.
You did well.


Hi sir, good morning this is very cool post, as you beautifully correlated everything with the future and growth of crypto.

Dear sir I followed your advise and purchased some little pearls. I hope these will do better in coming days.

Thank you for your kind suggestion. Let's ake crypto our habit and mingle it with our daily life like our fiats.

Finally this will be game changer.

With love and respect.

Thank you.



Oh Julia
You precious little Dove.
I am thinking and have some confidence that you will be happy in the next few weeks/months.
Do not let anything get you distracted or uncertain.
And I know that you won't.
I have all the confidence in you that nothing will be too hard or impossible for you.
I see you as the one who "overcomes" to excel at whatever you choose.
With love and respect.



Ohh! DOVE.

THANK YOU, Sir for your care and suggestions, I purchased 1633 DGB last night and I will hold it for a long time.

Thank you for your time to write me comments and your valuable advice.


Little Dove
Please do not think that I am able above all others to see and know the future.
I am not one who can see into the future.
What I think I know though is that cryptos will do well going forward in time dollar price wise.
Important point here. Please don't think that holding all of your cryptos is the right way to invest in the cryptos.
You --have-- to take profit on a portion or some of your holdings.
You have 3-6 months to think about that and get your mind ready for that time.
Nothing goes straight up. There will be devastating price drops that will make you sad.
I will let you know. Watch your email.
This is not going be in the next few hours or the next few days.
It is going to take some time.
I will let you know more later.
You have to get your mind to thinking --taking some profit--
If you do not. You will be sad and disappointed.
With love and respect.


Hi man i share this idea with you "If we are holding the right cryptos. We will see the beauty on the screen right in front of us" nothing else to add man. Regards

It takes time for everything to be good. It is a big surprise

I can't wait to see the cryptos recover. This has been a long haul. But like you, Francis, I see brighter days ahead!


You know what I have written. I am just as you or anyone else that has watched and given some time and study in the crypto world.
We have a tendency to think that we have to have the best and the greatest crypto coin.
The truth is this. No one knows which will be the best.
Two or three could rise in dollar price close together percentage wise.
Does it really matter to us?
I don't like Bitcoin.
But, I know it is a good coin.
It just isn't for me. I like speed and volume.
Bitcoin doesn't meet that requirement.
I like Litecoin better than Bitcoin.
Litecoin is said to rise up to one fifth of the price of Bitcoin at some point in time.
We will have to wait for that to see if that guess is right. Ha
Thank you


Have a nice weekend.

Boats are very common in your community homes . Nice photograohy

Amazing boat and homes . Nice pics .
Have a nice day

Remarkable starting with amazing house's image and glorious finish with superior song @francisk. Whole area in middle post nice maintain by house owners.

Wow excellent camera shot . excellent is rose flowers and i love it.
100% like and resteem.

Some time we see green sometime we see red its all the nature of human psychological thinking but anyways it was nice to enjoy your post

The garden gardens are very nice. Beautiful flowers, trees, tropical trees are well maintained. The main road traffic is very low.

I am impressed by the natural aesthetics of your environment. I thank you very much for seeing a very beautiful environment for her eyes. Wonderful song to hear.

Stunning photographs their beauty can,t explain in words song is also good.

Beautiful starting with fresh road image and nice finishing with fabulous music @francisk. Intermediate images so powerful.obviously you showing always excellent shots flower photography in your blog.i am really attractive your post always.. this house, green nature,road very attractive.thanks to sharing for your great post..my dear friend @francisk very well done. take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you.

yes,first photography is a big surprise.

First picture is a big surprise . Amazing flowers shot . Beautiful photography . Thanks for sharing @francisk

Thank you