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Hello Kiedis. Wow, that is a very super post. I love it. You did a great job taking pictures and showing us a little about your day. Isn't mommy pretty? I sure love your kitten and I love all the kittens. I know this one is your favorite. I am so glad that they paved the parking lot of the church. That makes it so much fun. I am going to come down one day and draw a hopscotch for you. This is a good post and I gave you an upvote and a resteem. Love Oma. xxx

I love the name Silver Surfer! Beautiful kitten. You have done an awesome post, @kiedisbowes!

Oh my goodness what a cute kitten!! He looks so soft!
Great walk with me, you take really nice pictures. I especially like your perspective with the feather one.

👍👍@ Silver surfer... great name

Epicness ^____^/~☆

You names him silver surfer?
Lol adorable, what are the other kittwns names? :0 I missed that entire thing.

We started sewing lessons with our kids geek group .... Cat cosplay (costumes) are on the list of things we plan to make so ~ stay tuned.

Although a silver surfer costume... would mostly be a kitty tinfoil outfit.... and I can't imagine he'd like that very much.

And yes mom

This is actually a thing. XD

Great photos. Nice use of light and shadow.

Great job on the photos Kiedis, you used the camera very responsibly. I'm so happy you sat down to make your first #walkwithme post! Keep On STEEMing!

Here Kiedis!