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Lets take a walk at Wertheim Nat. Wildlife Refuge's 2 mile White Oak Trail. The trail follows the western edge of the Carmans River and adjacent marshes going south.


Map gives you an idea of the trek in the 2,500 acre Refuge.

OK SO HERE WE GO ..........



Not to far along we come across a finger of water that the trail traverses.



Looking toward the river


Looking away from the river



Couple of bumps on a log


Those bumps are Painted Turtles



An overlook of the river comes up next.




Looking at the map you see the river flows through a wide marsh area on either side. Parts of the marsh are open water. This marsh and water is the perfect place for aquatic life and water fowl to procreate, with plenty of food for all.


We are about where I drew the yellow circle on the map. Will pick it up from here in a part 2.

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Thank you very much.

beautiful photos!!! thank you very much for the walk, as if she had been there


Glad you liked it.

What a beautiful Wildlife Refuge, you got some fantastic photographs!


Easy when you have good content in front of you. :-)

  ·  4년 전

Again beautiful pictures worthy of a documentary.


Yes very scenic place.

Love the bumps on the log!!

What a fantastic photo @manorvillemike!!
Is there snapping turtles over that way?

There were some in Calif. had to sneek up
on them or they dove for the water and
that was from a great distance.

      🐢 🐢


Plenty snappers here. Have them across the street from me.

Trees, trees everywhere. Love the turtles. : )


Thanks, Now I have to stay indoors till after ticks are gone.:-(

Good photos where you show the couple of turtles ... It is very interesting when you make trips with a map in your hand, definitely focus better the different sites that are visited in the course of the walk. Greetings @manorvillemike


Good to know where you are. Some of these trails are not mark well. You can get a little lost.

  ·  4년 전

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fotography very good, it turns your photography post there seem there is tortoise funny


Thank you for your comment. :-)


You are welcome

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Oh gosh the little turtles! Good find @manorvillemike they look so cute.


They were mature fully grown suckers.