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As you'll have seen from my recent posts, a lot has been going on in the NVO HQ. In the last couple of days I have been writing and chatting with Imed, Co-Founder & lead developer of the NVO Project.

Project status
The project development is going well. The current team size for the development is summed up to 76 developers. You will see that there is no marketing at the current stage. This is because marketing only makes sense if there is fully functional product. Most of the projects in the crypto sphere do not have a working product. They are hyped up and are most likely to fail in the long run.

Imed is currently working 20+ hours/day because the developers are from different countries and through different time zones it's more difficult to keep up the communication.

Veserus Exchange
Veserus, the centralized exchange in the NVO Economy, will be licensed in Malta. Veserus is already fully functional, yet not available to the public. Feel free to check out the current website: https://www.veserus.com

The programming language used for the development of the CEX will not be revealed due to security reason.

The API documentation is partly up, as seen here: http://www.veserus.com/api.php

Decentralized Exchange
Our little troublemaker! As most of you know, the NVO DEX was supposed to be released in the first quarter of 2018. This deadline which was btw not an actual deadline, was not met. The reason behind that was that Imed found vulnerabilities that may have had a drastic impact on the security of the decentralized exchange. (as seen with the Bancor Exchange, read more here: https://steemit.com/bancor/@cryptofriendly/discussion-bancor-security-breach)

Nevertheless, the NVO DEX is expected to launch between October & November 2018. A statement from Imed: "This deadline will be realized, I'm very confident."

The NVO Wallet
The NVO Wallet is currently operating in Beta. As far as I know, the wallet is being re-designed, changes will be made.

New features will be:

  • Disable loading video
  • Set the amount of threads used
  • Gap Size Management (the amount of empty addresses to be generated at all time)
  • Improved transactions status message (when sending funds, it will give you more details about what happens if there is any error or a state different from "Done")
  • Improved Address Management and Sorting
  • Improved Transaction Managements and Sorting
  • New Feature: Sign messages
  • New Feature: Multiple accounts
  • New Feature: Restore from mnemonic (in the register/login screen)

I have also discussed confidential information with Imed which contains further information about the wallet (e.g Integrations, etc.) - this is music to my ears! It won't take too much time until this information will be revealed to the public, be excited!

A UI-designer is currently working on the new website. There isn't much more information on that.

ByteCap, the competitor to CoinMarketCap is also in the works. ByteCap is also a NVO-based product.
Check out a working demo here: www.bytecap.su

ByteCap will support the 'Instant Buy' option, same as CoinMarketCap, just with CoinPayments instead of Changelly. CoinPayments supports over 700 Altcoins, used by more than 2 million vendors in 182 countries.

Token distribution

Around 3% of the NVO tokens (Symbol: NVST) have yet not been distributed to the holders. Imed assured the community that those tokens are safe and will be distributed to the holders in a later stage, meaning as soon as the first product launches and time frees. The team is deeply sorry.

Partnerships and the future
As seen above, the NVO Project is partnered with CoinPayments. The NVO team is also in the talks with Trezor to support the NVO wallet. Trezor ensures a safe way to store your cryptocurrency funds offline. Centralized exchanges can disappear, go offline or get hacked every second. With Trezor, you are on the safe side.

About me
I'm the host of www.nvocommunity.com, the NVO Community Hub for supports, investors and blockchain enthusiasts. I'm not part of the team, nor am I getting paid for writing or providing the service. The hub is free of advertisement to ensure a great user experience.

The internal forum will be comming soon, as well as a blog with all non-confidential information exchanged between the NVO team & me as well as other trusted members.
Donating a small amount of any ERC-20 based token helps me pay the server costs and realize new ideas.

Have a great day,

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Thanks Mike! We all appreciate the good work!


Anytime mate!

Great post Mike, why are you doing Ton bi's job for him?
I have never come across such a useless incompetent lazy sack of crap as that pretend CEO.
Tell him to get out of his moms basement and start doing his job.
At the moment he isnt qualified or experienced enough to run errands as the office boy let alone aspire to be a CEO.


dayyyyymmmm son. rekt. haha, how ya been stoic?

Very thorough post, keep em coming mate. Your work could help us change the world!


Thanks rambo! I'm enjoying your posts as well!

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What a bunch of bullshit. Get outta here.


Sounds like you are going to be a fudder to the bitter end lol

hi nice work btw, can I ask if there is any news about the recovery through the Pass Phrase only, since i have the funds but can't access having just the passphrase and not the ".dat" file. i was told the team was working on it that's why i'm asking.


is it the restore from the mnemonic feature that will be released?


Is it the restore
From the mnemonic feature
That will be released?

                 - marcodimaio

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