Wanchain:the independent platform that links several blockchain

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There are over 1,500 numbers of cryptocurrencies and tokens that exist currently and these cryptos are widely used by memebers for exchnage or transactionary purposes. But the challenges we are experiencing currently in the block chain phenomena is the fact that, most site for digital asset for transactions are quite inefficient. Therefore this is the juncture WACHAIN comes in.

What Is Wanchain?

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Wanchain is an independent financial blockchain that enables transactions of cryptocurrencies and tokens to be carried out amongst several other blockchain. The Wanchain blockchain uses the cross chain transfer to execute its service by linking other blockchain inorder for people to perform transactions that deals with different crypto or token at the same time. Wanchain connects other independent accounts to create a network inorder for digital currencies to be exchanged.

How does WANCHAIN operate?


WANCHAIN is best known for its cross chain linking tool where information or data can be communicated to other block chains. This aspect uses smart contract to carry out such linking service since it also involves exchange. It uses smart contracts to allow users to exchange digital assets where both intended exchange funds would be locked in a smart contract in order to avoid fraud and complications between the two parties. This aspect is built on some modules which would be highlighted below:

  • Module for Registration: this allows the chain in which transactions are done to be registered and also record the transferred currency or asset preferably.
  • Transaction module that update the status: this manages the status of transactions done.
    Other mdules is explained in its white paper which would be linked below.

What About Wancoin?

This is the platform token that is used because transactions that would be made uses the wancoin for transaction. A deposit related to security purposes would have to be made which would use wancoin.

Wancoin Wallet

Wancoin is kept in its very own wanchain wallet which only accepts wancoin for now.You can download it here by clicking here
Also,Wancoin can be exchnaged with bitcoin or thereum which is available on Binance.wan3-1024x576.jpgsource

In conclusion, Wancoin is mainly created for its linking protocol of several accounts for transaction to be made. it is an independent platform that allows other blockchain to be linked together for transactions to be made.


Wanchain Website

Wanchain White paper

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