PSA: Please read if you are delegating to @SocialBot



@socialbot is a voting bot run by @azizbd. When it was launched it made some disputable claims those I had challenged. The owner had no answers for those.

I am again talking about it because I think the owner is misusing the delegations.

Here is how:

The owner buys votes or votes automated comments of his other project @schoolforsdg4. @schoolforsdg4 votes others with a very small percentage and posts a comment so that @socialbot can come later to upvote it with its full weight. @schoolforsdg4 currently in steemcleaners blacklist for comment reward farming. The farming is now irregular as @mack-bot removes the rewards.

Screenshot from 2019-09-15 16-12-20.png

One example of how unhappy an author was.

Recently I have noticed the bot is randomly voting. I thought it got inspired by the #newsteem initiative. But when I checked carefully, it is voting automatically to earn curation rewards. Please check the screenshot to see what it is voting.

Screenshot from 2019-09-15 16-14-50.png

All of these are comments under steemhunt posts. Other than that it votes random comments, tasteem, threespeak, and dtube posts but all are automated voting.

He is doing it for the curation rewards, which he doesn't share with the delegators (I have not seen any proofs, but he claims to share 20% the rewards). If he really does share, he is keeping most of it for himself.

So, basically he is using delegators' stakes to enrich himself rather than paying his delegators.

I am tagging the bot's delegators, so they know what is going on.

@azizbd (owner), @nomad-magus, @r2cornell, @edgarare1, @pennsif, @jahedkhan *, @shammi *, @dreamarif *, @whalebd *, @ecoinstant, @preparedwombat, @uncommonriad, @hossainbd, @pearlymarly705, @phoenixwren, @ajorundon, @bapin, @general.guy

Accounts marked with (*) are @azizbd owned/linked account.

If you are a delegator and think its okay to use your stake like this, I have no problem. Please ignore this message.

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I've never come across this bot. Comment spam is unacceptable, especially when it is masquerading as curation and a charity. Thanks for letting me know.


Hmm that part was really hideous.

Just another day in the muck of Steem I guess.


Indeed. :')

That's what upvote spamming, or should I say, upvote farming is all about: auto-voting blindly to maximize curation rewards. At the very least one should only auto-vote those authors one trusts to create good content and whose content one keeps an eye on in case they start slipping too much.


I understand if you are doing it from an alt or personal account. I do auto-voting but authors are manually selected. Doing this as a paid voting bot is kind of shady IMO.

Serious claims. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
I will wait 24 hours (from now) for @azizbd to comment. If he doesn't I will remove my delegation.


I have chatted with @azizbd yesterday in private. He has serious counterclaims against yours, @reazuliqbal. I suggested to him to bring them to the fore, discussing them here, as I do believe in transparency. For his own reasons he hasn't done that, and I completely respect that.
As I told @azizbd, I do not want to be in the midst of conflict let alone judge any side, when I don't have the technical tools to make such a judgment. Therefore, I will undelegate.


If he has counter-claims against me, I invite @azizbd to chat with me, all the details of the chat will be made public.

Thank you @reazuliqbal
This is a great news! I never delegate any bot for upvote and comment! Today I know many update about those bot! Thank you again for sharing this with us!!

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Thanks for commenting. :)


Welcome brother! Alhamdulillah!! Apnar postgulo onek valo lage!!

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Thanks for your information. I normally dont trust on bots. Sometimes use steem bot tracker bots to get upvote.

Are steem bot tracker bots safe for new steem?

A lot of bid bots are engaging in “manual curation” which is their name for automated curation sniping at around 4 minutes.


I agree.