Remember the US-Backed Dirty War?

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Over 40 years ago in Argentina

The U.S. backed a cruel dictatorship that overthrew the Isabel Perón government.



In the process, 30,000 people were disappeared and the the children of mothers were taken. Even the pregnant women were kept alive long enough for their children were born, the kids taken, then the mothers killed.

There were weekly protests for many years by "the mothers of plaza de mayo" who continue to grieve the missing.

The yearly protests and anniversaries are much bigger. These photos were taken by me on one particular weekend when I lived close to the plaza.

I cannot imagine how devastated these people
are. All of this at the hands of the country if my birth. Embarrassment is what I feel when thinking about the country that I left so long ago.

When sanctions are applied and people watch their children die of hunger, I think of Nixon, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Bush(es) and Obama.

I am watching Iran and Venezuela to see if Trump will follow suit.


People don't forget

When the rich and powerful assert their will, no matter the civilian cost, there is a price.

The terror imposed on the weak, the fatherless.

We remember.

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Hello, there are two things in your writing that caught my attention:

The first one impacted me "Even pregnant women stayed alive long enough for their children to be born, take their children and then kill their mothers.">

This really have no name that greater cruelty than my God.

The second " I'm looking at Iran and Venezuela to see if Trump will do the same."

I'm from Venezuela and I feel very bad about this crisis, which is something that went out of control of this bad government that already looks like a disease. For some time now we have heard of an intervention, but where those who have to pay pay pay will pay.
No more innocent bloodshed.


The sickness must end! As @sponge-bob stated, "terror imposed on the weak, the fatherless"

There is nothing that says more about a country than haw they treat their most tender and loving citizens.


Hello @done if a president should want his country and put it first, but in my country Venezuela, this doubtful that the president is native of Venezuela, which according to one of the requirements to be so is that it must be of the nationality of the country.
And that if he were, he doesn't want his country, how is it possible to allow that after a country to have everything, we have little left, that the children and old people die of hunger or for lack of medicines.
That if you want to start a small business, you can't because you can't find how.
I am a retired teacher, I had and still have a few projects, but with this bad government as I develop it I can not.
But this can't be forever, if other more powerful ones have fallen, this one won't fall.
The victory and the rebirth of Venezuela are almost upon us, and all those who fled as if they were thieves, will return among them my sister.

Hi @sponge-bob
The stories of our countries in Latin America have always been very difficult to live, I can't speak because of what happened in Argentina, I can't speak because of what happened in Iran,
Now for what happens in my country Venezuela if I can speak and with a lot of property,

I tell you that in Venezuela something very different happens to what happens in other countries,!

Here in Venezuela there is no dictatorship as they say there are some criminals governing and imposing what they believe is good for a sector of the population.

For example, the criminals who are in the government have slowly dedicated themselves to destroying all the public universities to the point that the few of us who are still giving everything for the universities are marked by the criminals of the government.

These government criminals have stolen so much but so much money that you can't even imagine it.

I very much agree with what Trump is doing with these criminals, and I say this again with propriety. Trump had many of these government criminals and those who are in any way directly related to them blocked individually.

I celebrate that in a very big way, and that's how it should be until now. Trump is the only one who really is doing something for Venezuelans of good and is demonstrating to the whole world who these criminals are.

You knew that the president of the supreme court of substitution was imprisoned for many years for murder and came the dead of chavez and released him from prison, you knew that the nephews of the presyndential couple are imprisoned in the United States for drug trafficking and that they used the presidential ramp of the airport to be able to transport the drugs out of the country... well that is one of the few examples that I can say of the criminals that occupy positions in the government of Venezuela.

All that I say doesn't detract from your publication which, as I well said, I can't say, but that doesn't mean that I haven't read about what happened and I agree with you and I have a lot of respect for all those mothers who still mourn their children.
The government in Latin America is like that because of the same population that spend idolizing and deifying people.

Our countries suffer a lot because of these rulers, now Argentina has opened hope to many Venezuelans who have managed to flee Venezuela.

What happened in Argentina makes me very sad because that is what is happening in my country, here people disappear or the government with its groups of paramilitary killers who are called collectives and are very well armed enter homes and simply kill whoever they want and the government aupá that kind of situation.

As I wish that kind of things that happened in Argentina and that currently happens in Venezuela,

Don't happen anymore, anywhere in the world.

Thanks for this post. Those voices are what we should note.

Greetings from Venezuela I send you a big fraternal hug that crosses all the mountains from here to Argentina.

@sponge-bob, los venezolanos estamos pasando por situaciones de dictadura disfrazada, esas fotografías nos recuerdan los que pasaron nuestros hermanos Argentinos, que doloroso esas desapariciones y ahora estamos con situaciones que se repiten. Y huyendo de nuestro país, más que todos los jóvenes, los más preparados.

Es fuerte esta situación, gracias a Steemit que nos brinda este espacio para escribir y contar.



Tambien el espacio de Steemit no nos echa. Se puede escribir algo que le haga doler un gobierno u otro y no hay nada que los gobiernos pueden hacer para callarnos!


Correcto es una excelente idea poder descargarnos contra esa opresión que nos tienen los gobiernos, sea del uno o del otro. @sponge-bob tenemos que aprender a no quedarnos callados ante estos maltratos.

Greetings friend @ sponge-bob, this issue is somewhat difficult to contemplate, since there are many people and now many governments that support interference. Through its hypocritical democracy, the US wants to handle the continent at will, regardless of collateral damage, such as Argentina, Chile, Panama, Cuba and now Venezuela are part of the negative record where US power has intervened for the worse of our nations, hopefully that one day the actions of other countries are for the good of their people and not for the interests of few, which further deepen inequality.

Saludos amigo @sponge-bob, este tema es algo difícil de contemplar, ya que existen muchas personas y ahora muchos gobiernos que apoyan las injerencias. EEUU a través de su democracia hipócrita quiere manejar a su antojo el continente sin importar los daños colaterales, casos como Argentina, Chile, Panamá, Cuba y ahora Venezuela son parte del historial negativo donde ha intervenido el poder norteamericano para mal de nuestras naciones, esperemos que algún día las acciones de otros países sean para bien de su pueblo y no para intereses de pocos los cuales ahondan aún más la desigualdad.

Sinceramente las lágrimas rodaron sobre mi mejillas, esta historia se sigue repitiendo, sin importar el costo, sólo importa el poder, y somo hermanos todos. En Venezuela estamos padeciendo cosas muy dolorosas y a la espera de que todo termine pronto.


Mucho de lo que esta pasando alla esta por peleas de recursos naturales. Russia, China e EEUU estan intentando consequir permiso para sacar la riqueza de tu paiz. La gente estan en peligro por eso. Que termine pronto. Bendiciones!


Estás compleetamente en lo correcto, no sólo los de fuera, sino quienes se encuentran en el poder hoy en día. Dios te escuche y que esto termine pronto, pero por sobre todas las cosas, que la sangre de mis hermanos no sea derramada.

Un aprendizaje doloroso el de los pueblos el tener que pasar por este tipo de situaciones donde reina el terror, el abuso de poder, el egoismo de unos cuantos queriendo todo el poder para si, oprimiendo a los que menos tienen y son, en nombre de una falsa ideología. Todo acto cruel contra el ser humano, es repudiable desde todo punto de vista, provenga de donde venga, pero no es menos repudiable el hecho de que unos pocos engañen con el poder en la mano y hagan huir a todo un pais, para hacer sufrir a los que deciden quedarse, las penurias como el acceso a las cosas más elementales como la comida, la educación y los servicios esenciales. La vida en Venezuela nada fácil en los úlimos veinte años, una cosa es lo que cuentan en las noticias y otra muchisimo más ruda cuando se vive aqui en el sitio. El desgaste emocional de cada día que pesa como si fueran veinte años cada uno, es indescriptible. El dolor inmenso de ver partir a tus seres queridos a un rumbo mejor, sin saber si los volverás a ver y abrazar alguna vez, no tiene descripción posible desde el corazón. Pedimos a la vida nos socorra y más pronto que tarde, nuestro país vuelva a renacer y podamos ser una nación próspera como merecemos. Gracias por tocar el tema, perdona no escribir en inglés, no me gustan mucho los traductores. Un abrazo grande desde este lado! @sponge-bob.


Ya se como sentis. No estoy comodo escribiendo en Spanish. Gracias por escribir!


No problem, next time I will use the translator. Thank you for bringing the topic and putting it on the table to discuss it and express our opinions. From now following your account. A hug back! @sponge-bob

@sponge-bob, ese es un tema que nunca acaba, marcó la vidas de muchos y en algunos casos las personas se abusan de ello para tomar poder aplastando los derechos de otros, como Eve. Saludos.

Haces unos planteamientos terribles de tu país, pero es lamentable saber que esa historia es la de otros países, pareciera ser un guión que se repite, con distintos acentos, climas, pero al final la misma maldad por parte de unos pocos.

La perdido no solo va de la mano de la muerte, esa pérdida de los espacios que ya muchos no volverán a ver, y si los ven de nuevo, no son los mismos, no sólo porque el tiempo a hecho lo suyo en el, sino porque también lo ha hecho en el que lo ve después de meses, años, décadas, o incluso en su mente ya no es lo mismo.

Venezuela, mí país, sigue sufriendo con cada persona que desaparece, que sale de él, cada madre que ve ir a sus hijos y no sabe hasta cuándo, ni si quiera saber si hay un cuando.

Los intereses particulares de unos pocos hacen mella en un continente, absurdo, pero cierto.

Gracias por traer este tema a discusión @sponge-bob

Imaginate amigo cómo nos sentimos los venezolanos que "huimos" para este lado del continente buscando progreso para nuestros hijos. Ahora es casi seguro que vuelve a gobernar la izquierda, justo de lo que vinimos huyendo. Ojalá el argentino sepa escojer muy bien en las próximas elecciones, que se de cuenta lo que pasamos los venezolanos.

In Venezuela we are living that experience, which is certainly quite painful because to see our brothers die in hospitals for lack of medicines, malnourished people, families separated because of a person sick with power. Greetings from Venezuela

Greetings @sponge-bob, this interesting what you write, it should be noted that I'm not old enough to have lived at that time (I'm from 97..) but that's what the facts are recorded in history, so that later others can review and take into account events of the past.

I remember that I was told once about what you tell (my grandmother is a history teacher), and it is unfortunate that things like this continue to happen because of particular benefits of a certain group of people, more than anything because they do not take into account all the damage they do to the common people just to satisfy their fields of owning more and more, whether resources, land, etc..

Unfortunately, something similar is happening here in Venezuela, taking into account the concept of the small group of people who only seek to satisfy their needs at the cost of just keeping themselves without taking into account all the collateral damage they may cause in the course of their action, and that is that you see, from salaries to workers to pensions of retired people (I know first hand because my grandparents are retired), which are not even enough to buy one egg carton a month.... something unusual considering all the work they did during their lives.

With respect to the murders and disappearances, it can be said that it is the worst thing that these kinds of actions leave behind, more than anything because of the profound pain they leave in their loved ones and in the compatriots who may feel fearful of their lives and affected by the situation they went through or are going through, here (you know for sure) in the years of the protests the government took charge of doing the same with many boys my age even under, which gave a lot of impotence to see or read how they died.

But well, things go through something we hope that when all this happens here (God willing is soon), people take into account the story so they can choose and know which path should not be traveled.

pd: those phrases could not be better for the post

"When the rich and powerful assert their will, no matter the civilian cost, there is a price.
The terror imposed on the weak, the fatherless."

Thank you for reading my comment and I bid you farewell wishing you a happy day, evening or night.✌️

Hello@sponge-bob first I like your user and profile is only that sponge bob and his friends.

Now talking about your post, I'm very old, special condition, I have many strengths as well as weaknesses. You can say that I was born with this government that every day mistreats us more and more, my mom tells me how was her life as a child and is very different from mine.

I hear a lot of news, few of them I understand, I read your post and really moved me a lot, I do not want this to happen more than what is happening.

I hear Trump's help coming but I don't see when.

I am young and I have hopes that we will come out of this, just as I ask that everything in Argentina also change.

Hello @sponge-bob I read your post and read it again, poor young boys poor mothers.

I feel it beats my heart because I can say that since my birth was also when this government disaster was born, 17 years I have, 17 years of disaster.

Where many have gone and I do not want to go, but my mom tells me that for my sake, to have a future, as a professional, with all the pain of his soul must send me out of my Venezuela to study. I don't want to leave in those conditions, because it would be sad, leaving my mother and brother sad, we are three and very united.

Waiting for a miracle to happen in my Venezuela, that everything improves and that if I have to leave I would do it but not in that way, out of necessity but for my future.

Duras historias podemos contar de nuestros paises suramericanos, las riquezas naturales han sido convertidas en una desgracia para nuestros pueblos. Los ricos las desean y van en busca de ellas sin importar consecuencias, para los poderosos capitalistas nosotros no tenemos derechos de evolucionar, quieren mantenernos subdesarrollados sumidos en la pobreza y en la ignorancia. para ellos prevalece el lema "el más fuerte vencerá" considerando el poder económico.


Hard stories we can tell about our South American countries, natural wealth has been turned into a disgrace for our peoples. The rich want them and go looking for them regardless of consequences, for the powerful capitalists we have no rights to evolve, they want to keep us underdeveloped in poverty and ignorance. for them the motto "the strongest will win" prevails considering economic power.

How sad what happens in Argentina. It is a beautiful country with very warm and friendly people.

Hola @sponge-bob , soy de Venezuela; aqui en mi país en muchas ocasiones usamos ese slogan; PROHIBIDO OLVIDAR.

I am from Venezuela; here in my country many times we use that slogan; FORBIDDEN FORGET.

@sponge-bob quienes vivimos en Venezuela estamos pasando por situaciones similares, estas personas acumulan poder bajo la bandera de una ideogia y entonces ocurren estos desastres. Latinoamérica está atravesando por narcodictaduras, desapariciones, hambre, corrupción y miles de presos políticos. Los pueblos tienen hambre de justicia, creo que están llegando a su climax y es importante que difundiendo este tipo de contenidos la gente se apoye y conozca la verdad de lo que quieren silenciar. Gracias por tu post

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the people will never forget this

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