The Spiral Vortexes Dangling From Our Heads


The group of friends I am finding myself amongst lately have a thing for invention and hacking certain physical processes in a way to pull the most use out of. To optimize processes and to make them as efficient as possible maybe in order to utilize synergies that are not so obvious.

In talking about different characteristics of physical processes we naturally arrived at water's behavior and the insights of Viktor Schauberger who once formulated his theories from observing vortexes in water form, water that is allowed to flow freely in its ideal path without obstructions or straight lines. And the energy potential those vortexes carry.

Explaining this can be somewhat tricky and often a visual guideline would help to make Schauberger's point clearer to people, to showcase one of these spirals to be able to demonstrate how powerful this water spiraling effect really can be.

Well it hit me - the answer is fairly simple, at least for those who have long hair and don't invest an endless amount of effort into straightening it. We carry perfect water spirals on our heads.


I have stopped washing my hair with chemical products altogether, and have done so a while ago. The occasional wash with baking soda will suffice but my hair has not only grown stronger and looks more vital than it had in the past - it also has turned into a bundle of vortexes all by itself! In letting water run off it.

Because water is continually running down the single hairs and hair bundles after a shower or a swim, and because my hair is longer than shoulder's length the water drops actually manage to form currents of sorts, and are slowly morphing my hair into Schauberger locks. This "spin" that my hair receives is nothing but a physical representation of the water droplets' inherent capacity to flow in spirals. Much like the canyon is a "footprint" of the flowing water's ideal path, the hair has started to look like a natural river, a spiral of ideal resistance-less travel for the water droplets that run down.

It is quite amazing to realize we never hear much about Schauberger's great insights into the behavior of water and the resulting conclusions for our own life. Water stored in long straight pipes is robbing the water of its vital energy but we have all gotten used to it and don't look much further.

Now look at your hair or that of your partner.

It could have been straight by definition but the more you allow water to form it the more locky it's going to get, with vital spirals that can act as a constant reminder of water's inherent potential to move and shape, to energize and multiply energy and to deliver more than we suspected.

Anyone with hair longer than to the neck carries around with him a monumental reminder about just how powerful water is and how overlooked its dynamics are in the grand scheme of things of all the mundane narratives we are told daily. And it is so essential for our lives, really a pity we don't know more about it, and that we don't ask more about it. Talk about hidden in plain sight.


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