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  ·  작년

I will like to be a fish swimming in the water .But i am a human being who likes to eat fish very much .

  ·  작년

Excellent article.thanks for sharing
100% like and resteem

It is very good to see you posting it again in steemit. This way I will always post it.
I live in Bangladesh and You?
Do you work, do business?

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This is great work.
Thanks @asmolokalo
Have a wonderful day

I really like to fish hunting.
Do you interesting it?

Great to see you after long time.😊

wonderful works.
i like it fish hunting friend,i really admire your works @asmolokalo

I'm not a fish.
I'm real human lol :D

It's good to see you're posting again, talking about fish. I spend the whole week fishing, but small fish eat them like papafritas haha greetings

Welcome back to my friend