Why gels do not drip water

6개월 전

The EZ water that Gerald Pollack has discovered, that has the chemical formula (H3O2-)n, could stick to the material it forms against by a number of mechanisms.

The polarization mechanism

The (H3O2-)n coating a material such as a protein, will cause a polarizing effect in the material, electrons will be repelled into the center or core of the material, away from the EZ. This will cause the outer parts of the material to attract the EZ.

The electrostatic mechanism

The EZ tends to pump protons across membranes (this is the mechanism of osmosis), and likely into materials it forms against as well. This will cause the protein to become slightly net positively charged, leaving the water outside slightly net negatively charged. Thereby attracting the nearby water to the material.

The material would have to be stable with such a net charge (the secondary structure of a protein has to for example still be stable), but it also has to be stable with the net charges that develop from the polarizing effect the EZ should have anyway, that itself will cause net charge in the material, that varies with location.

The paramagnetic mechanism

The EZ water itself might be paramagnetic, from the surplus of electrons in it that it has because of its negative charge, (H3O2-)n. This would cause it to be attracted to electromagnetic fields, like an iron needle to a magnet. The EZ might also contribute to pumping protons, and electrons, continuously into and out of the material, increasing its magnetic field, and the attraction between it and the EZ. With the EZ stuck to the material, the protonated water outside of it would be stuck to the EZ.

A combination of all three

The effects described seem like they could all work at the same time. The polarizing mechanism should induce a magnetic field in the material aligned with the polarization, favouring the paramagnetic attraction, and there could also be a net movement of protons into the material favouring electrostatic attraction.

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