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Water is one of the most precious gifts that has been given to humanity by God. But most of us don't know the actual way or the healthy way to acquire this irreplaceable offering from God.
Following are some correct methods for drinking water which will keep us far from many diseases.

  1. Avoid Chugging; always Sip
    The correct way of drinking water according to the Ayurveda is to sip it. If you chug you water it cannot mix with the saliva well and as a result not enough saliva can reach your stomach. The nature of our saliva is alkaline and it helps to hold steady the acidity of the hydrochloric acid secreted by our stomach when anything enters our stomach. Therefore if you chug your water it may cause acidity in your stomach.

2.Drink Lukewarm water

When you drink chilled water with your meal your digestive system finds it difficult to digest the food properly as both hot and cold things enter your stomach simultaneously. More over you should drink lukewarm water before 30 minutes and after 30 minutes from your meal time.

3.Sit comfortably while drinking water, avoid standing and drinking.

If you stand wile drinking water it may put adverse effects in the functioning of your kidney in long terms.
Hence remember to sit comfortably while you drink water.


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please keep this points in mind


please keep these points in mind

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thanks for very helpful information

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This points are really helpful

Water is priceless. We must save water for our future generation.

Nice one

Nice post. It is also said that you should not gulp down too much water at once.. specially when you are very thirsty.
And it's best to drink 3litres of water everyday :)

Best...every one should know for better health

Nice information for health benefits

we should always drink in sitting position

looks very good advice


yes they are.. apply these in your routine

Best information...need to follow