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Crypto Land is full of coins that only offer an attractive website and a white paper. Nothing solid. Only hype! Waves Platform is not one of those. On the contrary, Waves has been steadily accomplishing one target after the other. Moreover, the objective of the Waves team, since its inception was to build a platform that can really be used. The want Waves to be "blockchain for the people".


Waves Is An EcoSystem, Not Just A Blockchain

They realize that to do that, having the technology is not enough. It is not enough to build a great blockchain. You need an ecosystem! And that is exactly what they have been doing; they have been building a complete ecosystem.

What Is An EcoSystem

In Biology, they define an ecosystem as:

A community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water, and mineral soil), interacting as a system.


Waves is trying to do that. It is trying to bring all the needed components together so that utilizing the blockchain becomes easy.

The Blockchain

Waves has one of the fastest blockchains out there. It is a POS-based. and it can handle up to 4000 transactions/second. The fees are almost negligible. This means that it is able to accommodate the different needs of companies and individuals that look forward to using the blockchain technology.

If You Are a Trader

Then, Waves provides you with:

  • An excellent wallet.
  • A Decentralized exchange DEX. (Maybe I will do a dedicated review for the wallet and the DEX)
  • Fiat money gateways (Yes, you can easily transfer and trade fiat money to your wallet)

new DEx.png
The New DEX

If You Are An Institutional Investor

Then, you will need all the above and that. Waves is ready. Waves has created The Basic Fund, which is "a blockchain venture fund, focused on the Waves platform and holding a diversified portfolio of crypto assets. Its purpose is to give larger investors and corporate buyers access to promising token projects as close to their inception as possible, whilst also capitalizing some of these businesses and funding the best initiatives that go through the Waves incubator, helping to ensure their success and rapid growth"

Moreover, Waves is working on Tokenomica, which is a "global, blockchain-based investment bank".

If You Are a Startup and Need An ICO

ICOs are the most prominent use case for blockchains nowadays. Waves is preparing well for that:

  • Creating custom tokens is cheap and extremely easy.
  • Waves is creating a legal framework through their partnership with Deloitte. Together, they are launching the Better Tokens initiative wich pioneers and promotes best practices for compliance among ICO and token issuers.
  • They also have an incubator to help new projects, called The Waves Lab. The objective of it is to ensure that new projects have a solid business proposition underpinned by a viable token model.
  • They have also created LiquidWaves which is a new initiative that ensures liquidity for tokens traded on the DEX.


An Excellent Long-Term Investment

Waves has some problems. It is not perfect, but its team is well aware, and they are working extremely hard to solve the problems and develop new features. I might talk about their future plans later. For now, the point that I want to make in this post is that after a year, most projects would have a working blockchain, but Waves would have a complete ecosystem. It will be much more ready for mainstream adoptions.

So, I think that Waves is an excellent long-term investment. Of course, this is not financial advice. It is just my humble opinion. Please tell me what you think.

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Long Waves. The fact that Waves has a heavy presence with Russia is another bullish point in my book!


Thank you, @maven360.
I agree. Waves has a prominent presence in Russia and the CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States) countries too. Moreover, it has been actively expanding to Europe and Asia especially Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

I did not mention this because I was not intending to give a comprehensive review. I wanted to concentrate on the ecosystem that Waves has been building. It is so rare and unique in crypto land.


And a great overview of the ecosystem it is! Great post

Waves platform is great :) I have recently created my tokens for a hedge fund I am starting. It was so easy...Free Crypto!.png


Great to know that. Can you give us more details on that?
What are you going to use the tokens for ?

Sounds promising. Is it available on other exchanges?


Thank you, @hrissm. Waves is really promising.

Is it available on other exchanges?

Yes. In fact, It is available on many exchanges. This is a list of the top ones from CMC:

waves markets.jpg

Great article learned a lot from your post. And believe companies will now start to offer ICO instead of IPO's.