Hard fork 20 and @we-are

3년 전

Hardfork 20 and @we-are

This post is a quick update about how HF20 affects the @we-are system.

During HF20, the voting power of all accounts was reset to zero and so @we-are was shutdown for five days while the VP recharged. That time being over, @we-are is now actively looking for posts to upvote again. @we-are does not upvote posts older than a couple of days so post most within about 3.5 days of the Hardfork will not receive votes.

HF20 introduces a new resource credit system. Initial analysis suggests that @we-are's ordinary operations will not be affected by the new resource credit system. @we-are has always tried to give up upvotes worth at least $0.01c, and this means that the smaller accounts in the @we-are army do not upvote nearly so often. I will monitor the smaller voting accounts and delegating more SP if necessary to maintain smooth operation.

Although @we-are has about 380 users that it will upvotes, many of them are not actively posting and the shutdowns associated with HF20 might cause a few more users to give up posting. Changing user activity patterns might mean that some voting accounts might not fully utilise their VP. I will monitor activity over the coming weeks to keep SP/VP utilisation efficient across the @we-are system.

@we-are was using the privex API node, but this node was taking longer than 3 seconds per block. Now @we-are is using steemit's API node which is much faster; the bot now never gets behind. With this solved I can move development effort back to the transfer memo API.

We're still in closed beta. That's all for now.

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