WANTED: Community Manager (Volunteer)

2년 전

@we-are is looking for a volunteer community manager to post regularly, liaise with community leaders and sponsors and seek additional sponsorship.

@we-are supports community members on steem with free upvotes. Although the project is about 18 months old, and a server with basic functionality runs for weeks at a time unattended, the project is now at the stage that it either has to gain more traction (go from 1500 members to 10K+) or I should put (my dev time and the token/SP delegation) into other projects. In some sense, the server's reliability is a liability because it just works nobody pays it much attention - including myself.
The role is volunteer, but I try to take care of my volunteers where I can.

Please respond on Discord or via a comment below. If I do not get a community manager soon then I will shutdown @we-are or scale it back so the resources can go into other projects. If I get a community manager then I am prepared to put more development effort into making @we-are truly awesome.

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Dear @we-are-one

I must admit that I quite like your idea and I would love to help if I could find more free time.

Obviously I share this link with several friends but knowing people ... not many may be interested in anything that is labeled as "Volunteer". Most people like to benefit one way or another.

@we-are supports community members on steem with free upvotes.

I'm surely most people would like to know how much total SP you guys managed to "collect" and what is current total strength of those upvotes. I would surely like to know :)

10k+ members is a huge goal.



It's currently around 5K SP and a similar amount of PALCOIN. I may look at increasing my SP delegations to @we-are again if there's growth in the system. Otherwise, I can use it elsewhere.

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