We-are has new prioritisation rules and a tor client

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This post outlines @we-are 's recent updates. @we-are supports content creators with free community-based upvotes.

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STATUS: Currently upvoting 1500+ users with 20+ voting accounts that collectively control over 10000 SP, 4600 PALPOWER and various other steem-engine tokens.

Prioritisation rules

@we-are now prefers some posts over others. Here is what is currently implemented:

  1. @we-are accounts prefer posts that have 100% rewards as STEEM POWER.
  2. @we-are has a slight preference for posts with the #palnet tag.

I expect to add more prioritisation rules in future. This particular feature required quite a bit of underlying code to get started because the post data from the blockchain stream do not contain enough information to make the above decisions and so it required setting up a separate async queue to fetch post data without dealing the blockchain stream. It also meant adding in time delays so keep the number of API calls per minute low. Now that this is built, I expect to migrate more steem blockchain calls to the async priority queue and also add more prioritisation rules. If anybody is interested in how to write an AsyncPriorityQueue that supports iterators in TypeScript then let me know and I'll consider posting any article.

Tor client

The current MemoAPI is quite unwieldy to use so I started work on a front end client. If you have a tor (.onion) capable setup then you can view current progress at:


Note: This will not work with Web2Tor services because those do not properly pass on CORS headers. For now, you can view the current communities and see information about them. I'll be adding in more community health features as time allows. If you have something you'd like to see then let me know.

This client is strictly read-only. Adding and removing members still requires a transfer memo.

How can you help?

If you want to help, then feel free to donate or delegate PALCOIN to @we-are-palcoin. If you do donate, please post a comment below and mention @eturnerx so that I get a notification because I have not yet automated PALCOIN staking.

You might be asking about other steem-engine tokens or more targetted PALCOIN support for @we-are communities: these things are all possible. If you have a particular community in mind and can pledge a delegation/donation of PALCOIN then I'm happy to put the work in to make a PALCOIN voter specific to your community/ies. I can also do the same with any other steem-engine token you might have in mind. Talk to me.

Together @we-are,
-- @eturnerx

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