My childhood

4년 전

All my life I have waited for so many things to come to play. But each day passes the real world "reality" comes to my mind to finally accept some situation.

My childhood has been home, church, market how have yours being, drop your comments. Honestly wanted more and to be free, visits places. Have you ever being giving home work or exams to write an essay of your last holiday.
Yeah right, I would love to know how your write up was. Mine hmm had to lie because have never gone on a visit to see anyone out of our house. We never believed in Visit for holiday or going out for family day out.

Later found out we need to manage what we have and visiting aunties was not a good idea due to there life style and how they where but I got the best training ever because so many training gotten, made me whom I am today.
Some people make excuses for themselves why they are bad because they where forced to be what they are today, my parents made me this but I believe you choose who you want to be. Parents contribute I agree but we all have a major part to play in our daily life.

Mothers love can never be compared and the greatest mistake you could make by hating your family you came from or childhood. It has a positive and negative impact but have we thought of if they have left us to die which could have been worst.

A friend of mine told me how the childhood upbringing made her strong and to be the person she is today and she is proud to talk about her childhood everywhere she goes.

I would like to hear a bit of yours how was it like please drop your comments and together let's laugh out how childhood experiences.

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