Nerd By Northwest #142 – “Recruiters Without A Clue”

3개월 전

Here's that great job opportunity for you; if it was TWELVE YEARS ago...

Nerd By Northwest #142 – “Recruiters Without A Clue”
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I haven't updated a resume on any job sites in more than four years, and as far as I know I switched my profiles to unsearchable on all of them. Yet I still get recruiters regularly emailing me or leaving phone messages, with far too many of the jobs being as relevant to me as a makeup salesperson position is to a skin doctor. Jobs that weren't even remotely relevant to me when I last posted a résumé five years ago, much less now. I know technically-skilled candidates are getting hard to find, but half the positions being marketed to me are beyond stupid.

So for those clueless recruiters out there... searching using keywords is a STARTING step for finding relevant candidates, not the ONLY step. Take half a minute to read the resume, jackass!!! 🙄😏

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