Nerd By Northwest #146 – “Fishing for a Fight”

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Dark magic is no match for Nolan's fish-fu...

Nerd By Northwest #146 – “Fishing for a Fight”
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Presenting the first comic drawn with my brand new Gaomon drawing tablet! It takes some getting used to versus the old pencil, pen, & paper method, but at least any extra time it takes to draw is made up for by no longer having to scan and make corrections to the image on the computer. There's not a huge quality difference between this method and my previous pencil & ink scanned comics, but the one thing I'm loving is the consistent color and width of the lines with the tablet. So far this purchase is paying off!

As to the comic itself, usually I come up with the dialogue for the scenes and draw according to what I write. But in this case it was the action scene of a villain being smacked upside the head with a fish that was the initial inspiration, and the dialogue was written later to fit around that. I was rather proud of the pun in the last panel, up until I did a search online and found I wasn't the first to come up with it. So now I can't be sure if I really came up with it on my own or if my subconscious dug it up from a long-forgotten memory. But the fish-slapping scene?... that's all me. Should I eventually create a compilation book for my comics, this is the kind of scene I'd like for the cover...

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Could you have been thinking of this?


No, I can honestly say that if I'd seen that scene I would have remembered it!!!


It's a classic. I watched a lot of Python in my youth.