Nerd By Northwest #149 – “Smell of Victory”

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Rationalization is a wonderful thing...

Nerd By Northwest #149 – “Smell of Victory”
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So, are commentaries such as Sir Marko's tirade on war here a logical, rationale approach to defeating ones enemies? Or are they just a devious way to convince the party's paladin that their gods of justice and goodness won't object to it? I'll let YOU decide... 😁

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The usual problems with having a paladinesque Char in the group - in my Sundered Skies group it's the priestess ;)


It's usually rare for me to be in a group that has a rigidly lawful good character. Nolan's comment about being fine torching one's enemies while they're helpless in the toilet closely matches my philosophy towards war and combat. But compared to the friends I play with? Their typical antics make ME look like the conscience of the party! 😏

Noble and dead is still dead ;) I'm watching Witcher and it has a lot of the classic fantasy themes. It even pinched stuff from Shrek.


I've only seen the first three episodes of Witcher thus far. Some parts thus far I've found a little lacking but overall I think it has some potential. Maybe the later episodes get better?


The story develops and you get to see how the various strands link up. It confused be a bit when they jumped to an earlier time without explicitly saying so. The production quality is mostly very good.

Haha! Since when does dead fish smell like burnt hair? ;>)
This is fun. Is this a chronological story or does it not really matter where I start reading?


It is a chronological story arc... read the previous comic to better understand the burnt hair reference. You can hit the 'Previous' link in each comic to go to the previous comic, or use the link below: