Nerd By Northwest #151 – “Convoy!”

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Dan, Cam, and Jen get sent on a remote assignment...

Nerd By Northwest #151 – “Convoy!”
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I think this comic was inspired by my dad's corny attempts at singing and humoring us kids during some of our long road trip vacations. "Convoy" was never one of those songs, yet it's one of those I find uniquely annoying (the chorus part of it, anyway).

Oh, and yes Fort Greely is a real place in Alaska and yes it does get down to 40 below zero (even colder) in the winter. So yeah, that's a good reason they were willing to pay us engineers extra money to work there... 🤑

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I used to get sent off around the world to client sites. Coldest was Sweden in winter, but also went to warm Singapore. It was fun for a while and at least I didn't have to drive, but you get bored of airports and hotels.


The only places I ever got sent to for temporary work purposes were Fairbanks Alaska, Fort Greely Alaska, Melbourne Florida, and Huntsville Alabama. Would have been nice to be sent to places that weren't either an icebox or a sun-baked oven. 😏


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