Nerd By Northwest #154 – “The Importance of Priorities”


Jen gets herself a fan club...

Nerd By Northwest #154 – “The Importance of Priorities”
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The old trope about too many men and too few women in Alaska is mostly an exaggeration these days, and doesn't usually apply to the younger generations. BUT... it does still tend to hold true in and around military posts and bases. Around larger cities like Anchorage with a few hundred thousand people it doesn't make a huge difference, but in posts near smaller civilian communities with only a thousand or so people? Single women in such places are strongly outnumbered by single men and could find themselves quite popular. I never minded my stints in Fort Greely myself, but that's because I was either there for only a short time, or at later stints was already married. Most of the soldiers stationed there didn't have such luxuries. So them being a bit girl-crazy is forgivable... 😏

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Slight glitch in the matrix in the first frame text :)


Aw, dangit... I missed the extra line around Dan's left arm! Good eye for detail there...


Fixed both the text and the extra line!