Nerd By Northwest #156 – “Treasure Hunt”

11개월 전

Boredom gives rise to discovery...

Nerd By Northwest #156 – “Treasure Hunt”
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I've spent many, many hours in control centers like this, and I can't count the times I wished I could bring in an Xbox, a DVD player with some movies, or even a friggin' iPod. Spending so many hours in a room and you can't help but see all the great hiding places there are, especially with raised server room floors!

Now the soldiers and contractors working in those rooms were professional, and they certainly weren't hiding beer kegs under the floor. But outside those sensitive, secured rooms? Well, just use your imagination... 😁

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I always wanted to put a cot in my server room. The gentle hum of all the fans and the consistent ambient temperature would make a great place to doze off.


In one center we actually did have cots in storage, for those rare times where a blizzard would be so bad we couldn't leave the building. But the chairs were usually comfy enough, and with that server fan white noise they were at least good enough for napping an hour or so! 😎


I have an IDF in my office and I often find myself nodding off when things are slow. :)