Nerd By Northwests #147 – “If You’re Not Cheating, You’re Not Trying”

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Nolan and the crew begin "Operation: Cheesing the Dungeon"...

Nerd By Northwests #147 – “If You’re Not Cheating, You’re Not Trying”
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While I can't pinpoint where the quote originally came from, I first heard it from the military folks I worked with many years back. The idea of it isn't to encourage cheating per se, but rather to encourage out-of-the-box solutions and workarounds to tough problems. While I personally think I would have been a bad fit for military service (I have a hard time putting faith in authority figures), certain elements of the US military mindset like this one (right along with "Leaders eat last" and "Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions") are principles I admire and try to adopt.

And so when our adventuring party encountered a distillery in the Elemental Evil campaign, we took that quote to heart. Loading up all the liquor bottles onto my wizard's Tenser's Floating Disk spell, we went sneaking room-to-room ambushing enemies with moonshine Molotov cocktails and fire spells. We cleared out the better part of two dungeon levels this way🔥😁🔥...

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