Colorchallenge Tuesday Orange : Orange Entry Gate for Wedding

2년 전

The first impression of wedding reception decoration is entry gate of that wedding. It looks/arrives first when guest come for reception funtion. We know that "First impression is the last impression" So it is very important to decorate entry gate beautifully. The different varieties of entry gates are available with decorators. We have to choose best one which also fit in our budget.

Here I presented a one of it's kind of orange theme entry gate. This gate is connected with gallery, which opens at the wedding function side. The gallery is also decorated well to match with entry gate. This entry gate is my entry for today's #colorchallenge Tuesday Orange. Hope you all steemians love it.

#colorchallenge Tuesday Orange : Orange Entry Gate for Wedding


Wedding Orange Entry Gate Steeming

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love indian weddings

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wow, i like it


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Thanks @mightyblueberry for your feedback.
I like your thoughts.

wow mehta ji very shiny orange there, it seems a wedding ceremony, the decoration and light is really great.


आपके अच्छे कमेंट के लिए धन्यवाद. हा, लाइट व् सजावट सुंदर है.

Charming entry gate..
Orange lights and orange sheets make this gate beautiful...
the entry gate decorations with flower are aweasome.
Supreme entry gate...
All time amazing...


tussar जी आपका comment के लिए दिल से धन्यवाद। आप यु ही steeming करते रहना, अच्छा लगता है ।

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yes i really love it @mehta.The gate looks like a unground where we can get a gold miner. everybody just go there and they really saw two gold the bride and the boon. by the way this is looking just awesome.

Very nice attractive entry gate the colour combination is very fine

Indians and their colourful way of life😍
I love the colours, it gives the shot a warm and appealing appearance. Kudos! lovely shot

Wow very beautiful orange entry gate for wedding.

बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद मेहता जी!

Decent look. It is really looking beautiful.


Your stylistic themes are exceptionally decent and influences me to have a craving for getting hitched soon.stunning

this seems so great. I like it

Kya baat Mehta ji

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@mehta greatly captured the story. Entry is looking so attractive .
Orange color is very unique in itself.
Orange color shows:

  • joy
  • warmth
  • sunshine
  • enthusiasm
  • creativity
  • success
  • encouragement
  • determination
  • stimulation
  • happiness
  • balance
  • sexuality
  • freedom
  • expression
  • fascination.

Beautiful ❤️

You are always making me happy by uploading such wonderful photos @mehta. I love orange colour.

@mehta sir
very beautiful amazing I like it your work

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awesome photography..

This is amazing. I love the Entry Gate and the lighting is gorgeous. I'm glad that you like it (:

May i join your group ,,send me the link

Nice Orange Entry Gate for Wedding vote for me post thak

Wow amazing blog please invite my blog

kai mehta ji...ghana byav shadi nipta riya ho..

I recently seen your yesterday's post in which you shared the main Stage of ceremony.
and today I got the pics of Entrance gate of that wedding ceremony.
So Now I will have to wait till tomorrow for Bride and Groom pics.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

I love this colour. I love how you guys do your wedding. "First impression is the last impression" I totally agree with this.

orange colour like gold

Sir it's an amazing orange one.
It's really feel passionate....

WOW! everyone likes wedding... everyone likes to vote for such photos!
Mine is not so good unfortunatelly...

@mehta, your collection of wedding decorations is awesome, why everyone comment spam any way keep posting this kind of stuff