At the wedding of my friend Lucie - off topic

2년 전

Hi everybody!

As I didn't finish the second part of Sia Coin, I'd like to share my photos from the wedding of my friend Lucie. The wedding took place at the edge of one small village and it was so beautiful place so I must share pics (mostly from the surrounding countryside)

Let me introduce my girlfriend and me (haha, I never smile while being photographed):

Everything is in bloom, we were tempted to go for a walk:

Spring photo No.3

Spring photo No.4

And the last one:

If you like my photos, don't forget to comment&upvote&resteem :-)

Have a beautiful day!!

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You look happy. :)
Keep it up!


Yes, I will! :-)

  ·  2년 전

big tree, blue sky and pretty girl! what a lovely scene :)


Yeah, thank you, it was the beautiful day :-)

Beautiful photos.....captured great moment


anytime bro

Woow beautiful and handsome
Congratulations 🎊 @mmaarrttiinn11


Thank you, my friend :-)


Thank you :-)

now ur turn

Very nice couple. Hello martin.

Im sunny.. ur new frd


Yeah, sunny day!


Hahahahaha. Nice joke buddy


:-) nice to meet you, Martin!

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