Wednesday Walk - Blazing My Own Trail to Get the Shots

2년 전

I went out for my daily hike this morning and took a trail where yesterday I saw a new little waterfall that I hadn’t previously photographed. My favorite shot for this #wednesdaywalk was one of some pink wildflowers in the foreground and with a depth of field that blurred out the waterfalls in the background.


It was a little ways off the Ridge Trail in Patapsco Valley State Park so I hadn’t noticed it in the past. I had to bushwack down The embankment a bit to get to this site, but it has some potential. Returning in the evening would put the sun on the other side of the ridge and offer better light for shooting.


In these shots I toned down the light considerably in the editing process in Affinity photo. I’ve found a tool in Affinity Photo that allows you to easily add graduated filters or paint areas where you want to bring down exposure and highlights. It is great to be able to do this in post as it prevents me from having to carry more camera filters out on the trail. My pack is already pretty heavy for my old knees.


Below is the only shot where no amount of post processing could get the exposure down to where I would have liked it. I did a lot of burning on the upper right had corner and it has almost grayed that area out.


Thanks to @tattoodjay for conceiving and supporting the #wednesdaywalk photo challenge.
Here’s a link to his walk this week.


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What a cool spot to find on your walk such a beautiful area all such beautiful shots but that first one with the flowers is especially beautiful

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Most welcome :)

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Beautiful :) Cheers :)

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Appreciate the explanation of your process. I also do quite a bit of pre-shot editing. I wonder if I should explain or let it remain a mystery. My faves are the first and third shot.


I go with the general assumption that a lot of Steemit photographers are beginners like me, so the explanation may help someone else. I’m also a big fan of Affinity Photo as a powerful, but less expensive alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop, so I try to include that as well. If you want to see an amazing demonstration of Composite photo editing using Affinity, check out Bethany Acorn on YouTube. She does amazing work.

Thanks for your comment!

Hello @dabeckster
i like first photograph most..
beautiful small plant. nice flower.. thanks for share with us..

Very beautiful nature trail!

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