We went on a #wednesdaywalk



Hubby and I enjoyed a nice walk. It was a short walk because it was so nippy outside but at least there wasn't any snow on the ground.


Even a short walk on a nippy day is renewing to the soul. I loved hearing the water from the stream as we walked by.


I even realized something I had missed before. Some of the shores are made of sand. I can only recall seeing dirt paths in the past.


Speaking of dirt paths, this one runs along the lake in that area. It is such a lush path during the warmer months. It was almost a little sad seeing it so barren. It won't be long though before it is fully green again.


The lake itself is beautiful in any season.


I'm not sure if you can tell but the water still had ice in some areas.


It was a beautiful little walk and I always look forward to visiting this area!

#wednesdaywalk was created by @tattoodjay and you should pay him a visit.

If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have An Awesome Day!

Photographs are owned by @debralee
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Thank you!

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Looks so cold from the ice on the water. Stay warm and have a great week!


Looks so cold from the
Ice on the water. Stay warm
And have a great week!

                 - enjar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


It was pretty chilly for sure. My rear end is planted firmly in my house today. lol

Really nice out there Deb! We got a fresh 5 inches this morn :(


We took this walk last week, we have a couple of inches on the ground today too.

Beautiful photos Deb, even if nature is not greened up yet. Lake looks so calm and peaceful.

It wouldn’t be long before we can enjoy the beauty of spring flowers and lush green grass.


Thank you redheadpei! I look forward to Spring for sure, there is just something magical about it.

Looks so cold but so beautiful viewing this post was so refreshing ;)


Thanks Jay!


most welcome