Loving Spring Time Colors !!

6개월 전

With all that is happening around the world at the moment lock downs , quarantines and isolation's it is making it even more difficult to go out for a walk without been fined or harassed by the law.

I haven't been anywhere far for awhile but today i decided just to walk around to the park behind my apartment there were no restrictions that you couldn't go there so i put my mask on and took the short walk just to get out my room for a little while.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day lovely blue sky and very tempting , i got to the park within a matter of time and first thing i saw were these colorful Frangipani flowers i had not taken much notice of these flowers before but today they were just glowing with happiness which certainly brighten my day up also.

I never realized or took much noticed before that these Frangipani flowers came in so many beautiful colors it was really a joy to see these lovely vibrant colors today on a beautiful spring day it certainly boosted my energy up to be a stronger person. Stay safe and well people and if you can't get out be patient everything has a cycle and reasons we will beat this :)


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Such beautiful fresh and warm color of nature, glad you got out for a walk, I don't have any masks but I hope they will arrive today so I have them if needed

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


Thank you my friend it was nice to see the brighter side of the world you take care and don't go out there without a mask things are not good at the moment in America !!


Supposedly we heading to the peak at the moment for the states in general, and about a week away here in CT, so staying safe indoors for the most part, but we have a couple of masks for when we need to :)


This should never have happened but it's here now and we will deal with it the best way we can !!

Stay safe and healthy my friend :)

Those frangipanis are amazing looking! I went to a nursery in Florida that specialized in them, but, yours are so much more beautiful out in the wild. So to speak! :)

I hope all is well with you and your girlfriend. I've been thinking of you!

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Thank you my dear friend for your thoughts we are both doing good considering the circumstances keeping safe and distant from people sad moments indeed. I have been keeping a eye on America with this pandemic very scary over there hope you and family are well my thoughts go out to you. Take care and be safe my friend.

The Frangipanis do love the outdoor tropical weather over here , i have see many beautiful colors here in spring they are a beautiful flower :)

Sorry i haven't been doing anymore marketfriday in actual fact haven't been doing much on Steemit with anything lately , i have sought of lost interest due to a few circumstances but i will still be around to visit you and hopefully things will get better soon. Have a nice evening :)

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Thank you @dswigle for your tip much appreciated :)

Amazing photos @hangin!! I'm glad you were able to get out for a bit! I love all of these but that first one has got to be my favorite!! Stay safe and well! 💖 !TIP


Thank you so much @deerjay the good thing we are not on lock down but if we go outside we must wear a mask. We do have a curfew got to be indoors by 10 pm till 4 am and this suits me fine.

And you stay safe and healthy my friend :)


You're very welcome @hangin! 😊

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Thank you for the tip @deerjay much appreciated :)

Such amazing pictures and the flowers are stunning 😍 the first one has such a beautiful mix of colours... Love it.
Wow... Really made me smile my friend 😁
Beautiful shots. Hope you are having a fantastic time and that you are being safe.
Much love to You 🤗🌹❤️


Thank you my friend always happy to put a smile on your pretty face all is well over here we are not restricted to go out over here in Thailand but we have a curfew everyone must be indoors by 10pm so we can go for our walks and enjoy a bit of sunshine but must have that mask on :)

Much love to You and stay safe my dear friend :)