Wednesday Walk | Underground Tunnel Bookstore!

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Ever walk through a tunnel with walls of books! Here's one!

Book Excess01.jpg

BookXcess Bookstore, Sunsuria Forum @ 7th Avenue, Setia Alam, Malaysia.

We were very excited that this bookstore finally opens! We are always around this outdoor mall to do grocery shopping during its renovations, we were puzzled at the beginning what it's going to be with such high bookshelves, is it for decorations or something? After a few months, an announcement poster was put out saying BookXcess Bookstore is going to open here.

We always thought it's just going to be a normal bookstore's with a very high bookshelf, who would have thought the bookstore would have such unique architecture and went 'Underground" to built a tunnel up!


Let me take you for a walk around this place!

Book Excess02.jpg

We shall start from the lower ground basement. I love how they play around their words everywhere in the store.

Book Excess03.jpg

This display already caught my attentions and gets me all excited!

Book Excess04.jpg

Here's the entrance.

Book Excess05.jpg

Book Excess08.jpg

This place is huge! I don't even know where I should start looking. Though they do have a very good direction signage everywhere on the black colour walls.

Book Excess21.jpg

Book Excess09.jpg

They a have an in-house cafe called "Cafe Wolf". Why is it called Wolf? Well, a little bit history about this bookstore then.

BookXcess has been famous for organising large scale of book fair every year, and it's called "Big Bad Wolf" with the cheapest price I have ever seen. And Wolf has become their signature ever since. In recent years they have gone beyond the norm, by organising fair for 2 weeks, 24 hours non-stop. I have been to the book fair a few times, 3 am at night till 6-7 am finishing with breakfast, how awesome is that!

Okay, enough of the history, let's get back to this walk again,

Book Excess06.jpg

They also sell amazing art posters, in all sizes.

Book Excess07.jpg

And do community services, by letting the customer donate books to the local libraries.

Book Excess10.jpg

Book Excess11.jpg

Spacious reading room for customers, students, family with kids to have a relaxing and quiet place to read books. I might consider coming here to work since the place is quiet, they serve coffee and they have free wi-fi!

I'm not sure if you realised, the lights at the ceiling look like tons of Jedi Lightsabers hanging everywhere!! Haha

Book Excess15.jpg

The Wolfs sure have some sense of humour I tell you!


Here' comes the tunnel you have been waiting for!

Book Excess12.jpg

Book Excess13.jpg

Book Excess14.jpg

Book Excess16.jpg

Look at the circular staircase! I love the view of it.

Even more of those Jedi Lightsabers hanging around!

Book Excess17.jpg

Look how high this shelves are! I don't think those books are for grabs though.

Book Excess18.jpg

The view looking down from the ground floor. Let's look up again from the outside in the next photo.

Book Excess19.jpg

The last view of the day, from the back of this bookstore! This one looks like a spaceship!

Book Excess20.jpg

I haven't really had a proper walk in this bookstore yet, as normally I will take hours and hours to finish one shop. Next time I will bring my laptop and write my post here.

Thanks for joining me on this walk, see you in my next post!


This is my post for #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay and also #makemesmile by @elizacheng for this week!

All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S& Edge phone camera.

!steemitworldmap 3.105674 lat 101.468867 long BookXcess d3scr

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I love books! Reading is a lost art...

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

Wow this bookstore it's really amazing 😍😍

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Yes it is! So happy I can show it!

Now that is a bookstore I would love to visit it is amazing 😉 thanks for sharing with us
Never seen a tunnel and staircase like that before

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


Glad you like it! Thanks for having me!!


My Pleasure to have you join

Very interesting bookstore!


It's really interesting!

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Thank you @amico!! Hugs!!

wow beautiful wall of books. this place is Treasure of knowledge.
Thanks for share with us.


Indeed they are treasures!

Wow, this book store looks great ^^ .. I hope this motivates the rebellious kids out there to read a book ;)


I hope so too! How can they resist right?! Haha

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Howdy joelai! That is the most unusual bookstore I've ever seen! How fun, plus it seems like a combination restaurant, bookstore and library. No wonder you could spend all day there! That place is so cool with such creative styling and lighting.


Howdy janton!! I know right, the place is so cool! I might be spending more time over there from now on.


So you are saying that you read alot of books and buy alot of books? I used to read books but now I just read on steemit!


Yup, I have lots of books stuff inside boxes, nowhere to put now! Hehe


Oh, so your house could look like a bookstore if you had enough shelves, very cool!


Yup, I used to imagine I will have a whole wall of book shelves for my books!


Are you what they call a Book Worm joelai? Someone whose favorite pastime is reading? That's why you like Steemit isn't it? lol.


Sort of... I am... Hehehe