Up On The Roof

11개월 전


Buenos Aires From Above

This city at street level can be oppressive. Especially here in the downtown area, it's like living in a series of concrete canyons; one sees only a narrow strip of sky, hemmed in by towering buildings that shut out the sky. But up on the roof it's a different world.


You can see things that are completely hidden from street level view.


Almost every building has a little apartment up on the top level, usually set back from the edge so it's completely invisible from below.


The pic below shows an extreme example, with three separate levels of little dwellings up on the top, each set back from the one below.


And above it all towers this obscene glass monstrosity...


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Working in NYC I can relate to the overwhelming feel down at street level in the concrete jungle
Cool rooftop shots

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Wonderful photos of the city rooftops! I'm trying to imagine what it must be like living up there. It makes me glad my feet are closer to the ground.

Howdy from Texas redpossum! You are in Buenos Aires, how interesting! I keep mentioning Buenos Aires in my series about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. That is quite the city and the photos are great. In my series I included a couple of photos of the city from the year 1900.