My Home Is The Sea [Wednesday Walk] - Plus Tag Abuse



On my back is a tattoo of winged creature, hand on breast in a semblance of modesty and scales on her legs. The scales are mermaid scales, in my imagination, hydrodynamic, enabling her to move through the water unimpeded. She has wings because she is flighty, of the air and ether, free above as well as free below the ocean's waves. It's this I think of as I walk along the beach this morning. For this wild moment between dawn and about 7.30 am, I'm free. Unimpeded. Wholly myself.

I have a huge dilemma. What happens when awesome tags conflict? @lotusfleur is encouraging #veganwednesday, but I also love #wednesdaywalk. Do I get cheeky and take advantage of the timezones law, suggesting it is Wednesday SOMEWHERE in the world? I could do a vegan post on Wednesday morning in Australia, and another one Thursday morning, which is still Wednesday for many north of equator, right? Wibbly wobbly timey wimey. And then I also want to write a #whereonwednesday post for @galenkp. Dilemmas!

What if I combine them? Here is some vegemite and avo toast for you. Best vegan brekky ever. And I am thinking of a quick Tassie
trip to see bestie down near Hobart before Chrimbo. Debating whether it is worth money for a few days or whether we should wait til March and drive van over. There is multi tasking for you! Scoffing and steeming whilst loving engagement initiatives on Steem AND looking at flights. Don't hate me for tag abuse. It is a genuine problem I have.

What is your favourite hashtag day on Steem?


@naturalmedicine II Discord Invite II #naturalmedicine

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Nothing wrong with a bit of tag-slutting...Ok, I just made that up on the spot...It's not perfect but is a work in progress...

I'd say go ahead and combine them, it would make for a good post I think. I'c curious about the tattoo...I have tattoo's also, no winged creatures though.

Get tag-slutting @riverflows make it happen.

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Maybe for us Aussies, #tag-scrag could work, but I don't know if the rest of the world would get it. 😉

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Haha, yeah that works too! Good one. I think the world would be like what the? The Aussie lingo is not one they seem to get. They're a bit slow on the uptake.


Haha who cares, lets just do it for fun!! Love it. X


Omg I literally just use that term in Discord a few moments ago with @whatsup. I can even prove it and we could date stamp compare to see who really made it up hahaha. I have wanted to use it in public for ages but wasn't sure how it would go down, pun intended. High 5.


Well, I guess in this day and age when people do far worse than say the word slut I'm sure we're good. Interesting you used it recently...And I reckon you will again...At least covertly.

I think combining them is a wonderful idea and makes for a greta post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

I think combining them is a great idea, You will be able to get more people to see the different post when they search the tag they want. I mean as long they go with one like the post you did

Nummmm! Gorgeous photos of the beach! WOW 😍 do whatever makes you sing!! LOL ...just a few more days eeeep!

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No abuse at all, just clever combining ( Very much wu wei, The way Pooh would do things ).
I love both pictures but I would advice not to eat the first on the beach, unless you want sea salt and sand with your pepper.


you do it all your way and it will be perfect, mash em up if you like xxx

Why did I have to see that avo-toast at this hour? There's nowhere to buy avocado right now and I need one desperately! Didn't know about these tags, guess I'll be using them and copying your mashup hahaha