Wednesday Walk - Gloomy Chicago

10개월 전

Here's some gloomy pre-spring shots from Chicago for this #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay
I get to head into work an hour earlier now that daylight savings has changed. The early morning around here is usually foggy and dark.
Lots of fog rolls in off the lake into town swallowing up the buildings.
Everything starts taking on a monotone grayscale look with low light and low cloudcover.
The permanent office drone sculpture looks at home in this grayscale weather.
At least Sue the t-rex has a bold red title in her sign and a snazzy looking logo.
This lady's red coat contrasts well against the gray metal pillars and glass.
The Wrigley building looks like it came out of a gothic looking batman movie.
One of the benefits to daylight savings time is you get out of work earlier in the day. Seems the weather has completely changed while I was inside being an office drone.
These clouds look nice and optimistic against the clear blue sky.
Fortunately spring is just around the corner and we'll be getting more blue skies soon. Hope the rain is good though, gotta hunt my mushrooms out in the forest :-).

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The gloomy shots are cool but I love those blue skies

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


The weather can be a bit bipolar here.


Ohh yeah here as well :)

Gloomy with a flare 😃


It was a nice surprise seeing the day change so drastically.

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Wonderful photos of the city! My son and his wife go to Yoga in Trump Tower several mornings a week before they go off to work. I almost expect to see them in your photos!


I probably walk by them every day lol.

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Do you use the red line?


I use the metra, i'm out in the suburbs.


Ahhh. They are at Foster, near the lake.

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Congratulations @sketch.and.jam

your city was made for gloomy shots ;)


Definitely about 50% of the time. All the fog and moisture around here help the mushrooms grow out in the forests. Hopefully this is a good fungi year.


Lucky you, I hope so for your sake. Here we only have a tiny window of opportunity for fungi


You have a better cactus season though. One of my succulents died, not enough light i'm guessing.

Great shots!

Have some !trdo just for taking awesome photos √


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