1 in 20 Smoke Cannabis Regularly

3개월 전

A recent study that looked at cannabis consumption with adults in the United States found that roughly 1 in 20 are smoking cannabis on a regular basis.
They reported having used cannabis at least once in the last month, according to the new study.
Right now there are many states with booming cannabis markets and it is bringing in billions of dollars on a yearly basis. The overall cannabis market for the U.S. is estimated to reach at least $70 billion by 2027.
In 2019 it had been estimated to be worth some $13 billion already. And a great deal of that success is being driven by the CBD market. CBD products provide an option for people to get some of the benefits of cannabis without taking the experience of 'getting high' because there is no THC to drive it.

If cannabis gets decriminalized then hopefully that will also open up the gates for many more regions to move with decriminalization efforts of their own.

People shouldn't have to suffer with less options in the market to bring them a remedy to their problem, because there are others who find the natural solution of cannabis to be 'too controversial'. It is time to end the tyranny and embrace cannabis market freedom.


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