Mr. & Mrs. THC / Mr. X - The Big Thinker : The Cannabis Peddler & The Iconic Civil Rights Activist

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The Big Thinker's Autobiography has 45 mentions of the word #Reefer / Reefers, he even detailed how he sold #Weed on the road and documented in his book the revelation that "Nobody had ever heard of a traveling reefer peddler." In his Autobiography, he wrote he enjoyed smoking #Marijuana and jitterbugging in Zoot suits and being taken to:

"groovy, frantic scenes in different chicks’ and cats’ pads, where with the lights and juke down mellow, everybody blew gage and juiced back and jumped. I met chicks who were as fine as May wine, and cats who were hip to all happenings."

The Big Thinker, who was one of the largest and most influential African American personalities in history, wrote that his reefers keeping him sky-high.


The Big Thinker / Malcolm X ( May 19, 1925 - February 21, 1965)

  • On May 19, 1925, at the University Hospital of Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm Little was born, who would become, in a few years, the charismatic and controversial Malcolm X. To his admirers he was a brave advocate for the rights of blacks, but his opponents accused him of preaching racism and violence.

Blood Brothers / The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali & Malcolm X

  • In 1946, at the age of 20, he went to prison, and during his detention, Malcolm X became a member of the Nation of Islam, and after his parole in 1952, he quickly became one of the Leaders of The Movement.
  • In 1964, his Conflict with the Nation of Islam got start, and he was repeatedly sent death threats. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X Was Assassinated by three members of the Nation of Islam.

  • He was honored with Malcolm X Day, which commemorates him in various cities and countries worldwide. Hundreds of streets and schools in the U.S. have been renamed in his honor.

Malcolm X (1992) Movie is epic biographical drama film about
the African-American activist Malcolm X !

Malcolm X & Cannabis

  • The first time he tried Reefers was mixed up in the hazy memories of the Negro dances at the Roseland Ballroom, shooting craps, playing cards, and betting. He wrote in his autobiography:
With alcohol or marijuana lightening my head, and that wild music wailing away on those portable record players, it didn't take long to loosen up the dancing instincts in my African heritage.


  • While trying to earn a living, he got involved in selling cannabis, often to musicians who were the heaviest consistent market for reefers, as in every band, at least half of the musicians smoked reefers. "I’m not going to list names…In one case, every man in one of the bands which is still famous was on marijuana." Malcolm X concluded!

  • Malcolm X was soon making $50-$60 a day, but he didn’t sell and run, because his customers were his friends. Often he’d smoke along with them. None of them stayed any more high than he did! Although he was making good money, he soon caught the attention of local narcotics Squad Detectives. They began to harass him, frisking and searching him, despite his quick-thinking tactics.

  • He would often discreetly carry Marijuana rolled into Sticks or Joints, and drop them inconspicuously if he thought he was being followed. The cops continued to follow him, searching his apartment without warning and forcing him to switch up his territory to avoid the narcotics force.

  • In 1946 he was convicted of burglary and sentenced to 10 years (he served 7). In prison he spent much of his time high on Nutmeg or Reefer until his family got him placed in an experimental prison where he read up on history and was introduced to Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.


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