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Stone, a self-described Dirty Trickster who helped convince Trump to run for president, is one of the few people who has combined a love of #Cannabis paraphernalia with reverence for the 37th U.S. president. He famously has a tattoo of Nixon’s face on his back, as well as prideful ownership of a Nixon-shaped bong / Vintage Nixon Bong!


The bong dates from the time of Nixon’s presidency and is stylized to make Nixon’s face resemble one of the stone moai on Easter Island. It’s among several pieces of Nixon-themed cannabis paraphernalia owned by Stone, including a Richard Nixon #Hash pipe and Nixon figurine able to smoke joints.

They Were All Manufactured with the intention of Mocking Nixon, an alcoholic pill-popper who nevertheless inaugurated the War on Drugs, resulting. Nevertheless, Stone’s love of Nixon is genuine, dating all the way back to when he was a 20-year-old campaign aide for Nixon’s 1972 re-election.

Who is The Dirty Trickster

He is Roger Jason Stone Jr. (Born August 27, 1952), the political consultant, author and lobbyist, who got his start in politics when he was still in college, serving as a foot soldier for Richard Nixon’s Committee to re-elect the president. He has worked on the campaigns of Republican politicians including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole & Donald Trump.

He suggested Trump run for president in early 1998 while he was Trump's casino business lobbyist in Washington. The Netflix Documentary film Get Me Roger Stone focuses on Stone's Past and his role in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

He is not a #Stoner but he has had a change of heart on one hot-button issue in modern politics: Marijuana, he did once invest in Tricky Dick, a new strain of marijuana that was to be grown in Nixon’s hometown of Yorba Linda, California. Stone said in 2016:

You smoke it and you get very paranoid and you want to go to a Chinese restaurant.


He start to discuss the legalization of marijuana, and whether it is in fact just a Transfer of Wealth From Black Market to Big Corporations, he claimed to be leading efforts to convince Donald Trump to #Legalize the weed, founding a pro-cannabis lobby group called the United States Cannabis Coalition.

He believed that His Candidate, will honor his promise to allow states to decide whether to legalize #Marijuana and to reclassify marijuana to take it off Schedule I, and let the American people Legally Toke, like he promised in the campaign.

Weed National Panel 2017

Marijuana Is a States Rights Issue / Marijuana Cake

Stone, wrote an article for StoneColdTruth on the topic of legalizing marijuana that was directed right at the POTUS. It’s title was: Mr. President: Marijuana Is a States Rights Issue!
On the topic, Stone references both the Bible & Thomas Jefferson as reasons to give
#Weed a thumbs up:

As a product of the Religious South, it is natural that AG [Jeff] Sessions would take the dimmest view of marijuana, but there is little room left for debate as to the origin of the marijuana prohibition laws and how they were formulated as a tool to bludgeon both the poor and minorities, the largest consumers of the formerly legal plant. Perhaps Attorney General Sessions has forgotten his Genesis from the Old Testament: "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." Genesis 1:29


Stone carried out a white cake with giant confectionery marijuana leaf decorating it in the 420th episode of Real Time. "I know you say you’re not a stoner… This cake is completely baked with pot. It is totally edible. Gentlemen, may I cut you a piece?" Bill Maher said.

Bill Maher Shares Marijuana Cake With Roger Stone

Why Stoners Say No To Stone

Maybe the Dirty Trickster isn’t a racist, but Using Other People’s Racism to achieve his own political ends is more bad as being a racist and this is the reason why the big company of Cannabis Industry do not welcome Stone, as if their industry decides to buddy up to people who have blood on their hands, there is no way for them to come out clean.

Read About The Monsanto of Marijuana and enjoy the below #Funny video to to see a Republican, Democrat & Independent smoke weed together and one thing they all agreed on, that Trump’s Presidency is escalating Racism in America !

Is Roger Jason Stone THC Godfather or Fake One?
What You Think!

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