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At the age of 23, after he had completed four years of service in the Navy, he got an apartment in New York City, he smoked his first #Joint and purchased a little over an ounce of Mexican, which had one or two thousand seeds, and started growing them. He said:

In those days, Mexican or Colombian marijuana came packed with seeds – it didn’t take me long to start growing it.

In the 1970s, he wrote a number of seminal books about growing #Weed that were scientifically rigorous enough for professional botanists yet also accessible to anyone who wanted to grow their own.


And while the industry has changed significantly since he began growing out of his New York City apartment in 1968, his books are still a key resource for burgeoning pot growers.

Cultivation is what earned him his nickname, "The Godfather of Growing Marijuana" as he was a major player in the proliferation of information about #Marijuana horticulture, as well as actual weed seeds, in the U.S. over the last few decades.

Cultivation Conversation

So, Who is The Godfather of Growing Marijuana

He is Mel Frank (Born in Lynn, MA, 1944), the photographer, the botanist and author of three #Cannabis cultivation books which combined have sold well over a million copies, the man who taught America how to grow weed. He served as a shipboard electronics technician in the US Navy, 1963-1967. Upon completion of service, he moved to New York City, where he began growing marijuana in 1968.

Mel Frank is the pen name of James J. Goodwin, that first appeared in 1971 in the New York Flyer of Rolling Stone, where he authored a two-part series on marijuana growing under fluorescent lights.

After reading his series, Ed Rosenthal convinced Frank, to collaborate on a marijuana growing book, culminating in the 1974 publication of the Marijuana Growers’ Indoor/Outdoor Guide, by Level Press, San Francisco.


In 1974, Frank was the first to answer readers’ questions in High Times magazine, and he came up with dozens of articles and photographs that helped establish High Times as the leading resource magazine for growers. In 1978 New York Times was considered his Marijuana Grower’s Guide, The Bible of Bud !

As Home-Grown Marijuana, notably sinsemilla (seedless racemes, popularly known asbuds) earned its deserved reputation as superior to imported marijuana, "Growing your own" rapidly gained in popularity.


New magazines to serve home growers and consumers soon appeared, and Frank’s numerous articles and cover photos graced High Times, Hi Life, Head, Marijuana Papers & Skunk in the United States, and Red Eye magazine in the United Kingdom.

Mel Frank's Private Garden

Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide

Here, you can find all his books, and the list is so big, I selected you Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide, where you will learn trigger flowering, lets you know when to harvest, the longer the life cycle, the more cannabinoids increases; potency of age, potency of growth age, PH levels, soil to improve texture, sowing the seeds, humidity and ventilation.


Explains nutrients and fertility, applying fertilizers, nutrient deficiencies; microbial diseases, explains primary nutrients, explains mulching, when to plant, explains pruning, explains predators, explains cuttings, many colorful picture included in the center of the book and sparse black and white photos to illustrate the subtopics.

The Grow Show

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