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Critics of RiRi might argue that this attributes to her "Good Girl Gone Bad" image, but she won the crown as "Queen Of Cannabis Couture" and her Music Artwork is full of Green References !


RIRI, the Cannabis-Friendly Queen has been open about smoking #Weed, and dons designer brands that are changing the way we think of the intersection between #Pot & Fashion !

Queen Of Cannabis Couture

I believe, that RIRI's ideal girls’ night in would likely be filled with good music, tasty snacks, maybe a fun movie, and potentially #Cannabis. She tweeted:

Kush rolled, glass full; I prefer the better things.

Hot Weed Dancing

The Grammy Award-Winner & Weed

RIRI, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is no stranger to indulging in a little THC-Assisted Relaxation and is a proud advocate. I think RIRI likes indulging in the #Indica strain when she’s taking a break from her busy schedule and kicking back with her girl squad.

Weed Found On Rihanna’s Tour Bus

In case you've never looked at RIRI's Twitter, 4/20 holds a special meaning for her. To put it bluntly, it's an annual celebration of #Marijuana. RiRi, though, like many of her celebrity peers, from Susan Sarandon to more obvious stoners like Matthew McConaughey and Seth Rogen, doesn't need 4/20 as an excuse to light up.

Smoking Marijuana / Blunt

In Fact, as Cannabis continues to be legalized across the United States and the culture around it evolves, more and more are becoming empowered to step out as fans of weed, without the stigma of someone who wears drug rugs reeking of nag champa.

Smoking Marijuana in Hawaii

RIRI / Cannabis-Infused Girl

Is there any major pop artist Who's Championed Weed more than RIRI?
I do not think so, as:

  • Her Instagram is littered with photos of the Barbados-born singer with a blunt in hand.
  • Her Album Cover for the deluxe version of her sixth album Talk That where she's mid-exhale.
  • The single art for Diamonds that features her hands rolling up a blunt filled with precious stone.
  • She's even dressed as Mary Jane for Halloween before.
  • She was photographed Rolling a Blunt on the bald head of her bodyguard, which she later posted to Instagram. After some critics voiced their dissent, she removed the photo and issued a nonofficial statement on Twitter:
I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else.

Reference & Photos / The9elements / Janest / Herb /

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weed is famous all over