I love weed because it makes my whole life so much easier. When i work out, i can smoke a J before and, and workout harder and concentrate on technique much better than when im sober.

When im studying for a test, i can spark up a bowl and go into deep thought about the literature and get a permanent understanding. When im chilling with my buddys,

we smoke and we have a great time no matter what we do and were honest with each other. And when im with my girl, smoking makes me a much better boyfriend and a hell of a lot nicer person.

Truly, weed keeps me quiet. I like smoking and tuning in to music and thinking. I concocted a ton of thoughts smoking weed lol.
I like to watch motion pictures that energize me like Belly, Blow, Wold of Wall Street type poo. For snacks, some sticky bears or some nutty margarines, them bitches FYE! See that is the THING I like about weed,

I can eat great, and chuckle great. At the point when I'm rapping, it simply zone me out. It resembles whatever you doing, you gon improve in case you're high. Naw fr."

I don't know what id do without you Mary Jane.

let me know why you guys love weed like i do.!!

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