Buying 893 Weedcash and getting my Boss Baby Vig Custodian Tokens from Stable Coin DAC

28일 전

buying almost a thousand weedcash and I should be getting some more for my work adding WEEDCASH to @tipitbot

AHH it should be working today now that i see WEED is on :D

I am also using my @vigorstablecoin account on to claim some VIG! thanks to

We need to organize a serious serious MEME contest where everyone gets 1 weed if they post weed token meme to and then to reddit or twitter, getting 1 WEED token on the telegram. We hope to get non steemians this way who just find out about that new sight that pays you to post pictures of your weed :D THIS is how we grow BEYOND the tribes!

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Awesome! Upvoted and resteemed.

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