I just did a tweet about Weedcash and its EOS token and I need your help promoting it with retweets likes & comments!


Please help me promote WEEDCASH on twitter and its new EOSIO token.


We just need at LEAST 100 likes retweets and comments to really make a dent in crypto land so lets do some work with MMES come post memes about weedcash while we work like clockwork elves in the background on Weed EOS and Telos and DAC

anyone who would like to come earn some TASKS come use task.steemwhales.com no fuck that just come show us your retweet and we will tip you 1 weedcash on the discord https://discord.gg/VeP7kBu or telegram https://t.me/weedcashnetwork

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Already commented and retweeted on Twitter, been too busy with lots of stuff, so many things to do these days