Newdex WEEDCASH EOS token listing!

2개월 전


WEEDCASH is listing on newdex on Dec 6 at 00:4 UTC

I just tipped some WEED EOS and STEEMP to PRESIDENt DOnald Trump! Using @tipitbot come to to learn more!

Here I am sending 1 STEEMP to Dan LArimer @dan or bytemaster7 on twitter!

So check for newdex WHO ALSO just launched SESA CASH @sesacash YNT

Seesacash is unrelated to weedcash Just for disclaimer! But privately, I hope to bring AFRICAN Cannabis CUlture and legalization campaigns online via weedcash Africa and Weedcash Nigeria with @citimillz and I hope @richardcrill can soon enable delegation with me after token listing, for a great piece of news, and establish some national weedcash organizations in all the popular countries represent on steem, with pathways for legalization for each one! We show them how to organize new lws and get the bills written and how to o CONVINCE a city ro state or COUNTRY that TAXES from legal cannabis will be MORE than enough to pay for the social programs of the future :)

NDX promos in Africa by @citimillz

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